The immigration law of the United States is one of the most complex legal matters n the world. The situation is made worse by the current White House administration, looking to stoke fear of immigrants in their voters. Navigating the immigration process without a lawyer is hardly an option, due to its intricacies.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)is rolling many changes in 2024. All of them have been adopted in the previous year. The first one is the cost of the immigration application, which has gone significantly up, from $640 to $1,170, almost doubling. The asylum seekers will also be charged $50, a move that has caused widespread criticism. Petitions for employments authorization has also gone up to $490, a 20% increase.


If you apply for citizenship after December 2024, you will take a more rigorous test, proving that you can read, write, and speak English at the basic level. You will also be quizzed on the United States history and government.

One good news for future immigrants is that after these changes, more forms will be available online. This will help immigrants by reducing costs and expediting the processing time. It will also be more convenient since there are now fewer visits to the USCIS offices.

Finding an immigration lawyer in NYC can be a tricky proposition. While it is true that there are many excellent lawyers in the city, the sheer number of them offering their services can make the choice difficult. There are almost 2,000 immigration lawyers in New York. Simply put, there are too many of them to choose from. That is why we have compiled this list of best immigration lawyers in NYC 2024.

Elsa Ayoub


Address: 230 Park Avenue, 3rd Floor West, New York, NY 10169

Elsa Ayoub is specialized in immigration and naturalization law. Her office has translators for Arabic, French, and Spanish, so language shouldn’t be a problem.

Cho Law LLC


Address: 3490 US Highway 1, Suite 7B, Princeton, NJ

Mr. Minwon Cho, Esq. is an immigrant himself and as such, he is in a unique position to understand nuances of the US immigration laws and practices. He graduated from NYU and Syracuse Law School.

RelisLaw PLLC


Address: 43 W 43rd St Suite 135, New York, NY 10036

A member of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association), RelisLaw PLLC focuses solely on immigration law. Dr. Relis os one of the top experts in immigration in the United States.

Akerman LLP


Address: 666 5th Ave Fl 20, New York, NY 10103

Akerman LLP has an office across the country and their New York one is a popular choice for all those looking to immigrate to the United States.

Barton LLP


Address: 711 3rd Ave Fl 14, New York, NY 10017

Barton LLP is mainly focused on business clients who want to open up new facilities in the US. The company was founded in 2010 and had since helped thousands of clients expand their business activities in America.