Having a good personal injury lawyer is a must because you never know what can happen. If by any chance, you get hurt in some accident, or you get injured economically, or psychologically, a personal injury lawyer will advocate on your behalf.

We’ve made a selection of 6 best personal injury lawyers and law firms in Chicago for you.

1. Law Office of C. Dean Matsas and Associates, P.C.

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An excellent law office that guarantees you a refund if you are not satisfied with their services. They are 100% focused on their clients, and with over 30 years of experience, you won’t regret it if you choose them. You can find C. Dean Matsas and his office at the address: 5441 1/2 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625.

2. Shammas Law Office

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Many lawyers will charge you a fixed rate for their services, but many personal injury lawyers work for a fixed-percentage fee if their client receives money for their injuries. This law office is one of them. Michael A. Shammas is an excellent lawyer with more than 12 years of experience, many awards, and a strong will to fight for his clients. If you want to go directly there, the address is 161 N Clark St 3050, Chicago, IL 60601.

3. Schwaner Injury Law

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One of the best personal injury law firms in Chicago is Schwaner Injury Law. The best thing about them is that they have lawyers and a medical doctor that helps them in medical malpractice cases. With 50 years of experience, many client service awards, and millions of dollars recovered on behalf of the clients, this law firm is one of the best options. David J. Schwaner is one of the Top Attorneys in Illinois by Chicago Magazine, and that didn’t change for years. If it seems to you that David J. Schwaner would be a great choice, the address of his office is 111 N Wabash Ave Ste 801, Chicago, IL 60602.

4. DePaolo & Zadeikis

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If you require a Spanish-speaking attorney for workers’ compensation case, you shouldn’t look further. Attornies that work at this law firm can help you in cases that involve medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, and product liability cases. The address is 309 W Washington St Ste 550, Chicago, IL 60606

5. Friend, Levinson & Turner, LTD

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The specialty of this law firm is representing victims of nursing home abuse, construction accidents, vehicle accidents, and dog attacks. Also, if you need to file a workers’ compensation claim, that a specialty of Friend, Levinson & Turner, LTD. The address where you can find this law office is 33 N La Salle St Ste 3200, Chicago, IL 60602.

6. Burton Padove, Padove Law

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With just over 25 years of experience, Burton Padove is an excellent personal injury attorney. For those looking for financial compensation for loss of wages, medical expenses, and any other damages, you should consider this attorney. The address is 2327 45th St # B, Highland, IN 46322.