A divorce is never an easy experience. Even when both parties are contented and able to end their marriage without much disappointment, divorce is something that won’t be pleasant. These days, divorces tend to take a bad route, full of misunderstanding and needless fights, which add to the stress of both parties. Finding a lawyer who is compatible with your needs, who is at the same time professional with a lot of experience and someone who has a genuine care for its clients, is not an easy task. Women typically have more responsibility for raising children and therefore when assets are divided, the court usually favors the women, which doesn’t have to be the best decision for children in some cases. Also, this leads to men often feeling like they are being treated unfairly. Caring out some research and reading divorce lawyers’ reviews might be overwhelming for you, so we decided to make a list of the best divorce lawyers for men. Take a look.

1. The Law Office of Dan Kirby

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This Houston based law office has been serving clients in the area for more than two decades. It takes an experienced divorce lawyer to properly assist men during divorce proceedings to ensure they get a fair go. Dan Kirby is well known for advocating for fathers’ rights in divorce. In 2016, he received a 10 Best Award for Client Satisfaction in family law from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.

2. Joint Custody Advocates

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With offices in Chicago, Joint Custody Advocates is Robert B. Buchanan’s divorce and family law practice, which focuses on the father’s custodial rights in child custody disputes. If you are a father going through divorce proceedings to retain joint custody of children through negotiation and settlement, then Joint Custody Advocates might be the best choice for you. Apart from providing representation for fathers, Buchanan assists with cases involving domestic violence, kidnapping, parental alienation, and marginalization.

3. Goldberg Jones Divorce for Men

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The portland-based law firm, under the name Goldberg Jones Divorce for Men, offers divorce services to assist clients with separation and dissolution. The practice is exclusively focussed on the rights of husbands and fathers within divorces, emphasizing father’s rights, child support, and child custody matters. It is important to point out that the firm has experience with military, LGBT, and high asset divorces as well.

4. Law Offices of Makupson & Howard

Source: pasadenafamilylawfirm.com

This Los Angeles based law firm has been named 2011, 2012, and 2013, Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine. The Law Offices of Makupson & Howard takes a range of family law cases, including divorce, child support, child custody, and father’s rights. You can rest sure that by hiring some of the firm’s attorneys you won’t make mistake.

5. Craig E. Gibbs, Attorney at Law

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For over 20 years, Craig E. Gibbs, Attorney at Law, has been helping clients in New Orleans file for divorce. Mr. Gibbs has a lot of experience with fathers’ rights in the child support determination process. His practice includes custody and visitation plans, marital property, and debt division.