Even the most cordial divorces are a complicated and emotional experience. Two individuals who once loved each other thought they’d spend their lives together. But now, they must determine how to share their assets and call it quits. When going through a divorce, you might toy with the clue of being your divorce attorney.

For instance, you may think that the divorce process will be relatively simple. Or perhaps you consider yourself highly intelligent and a savvy negotiator. Or the concept of saving money by not seeking legal counsel.

The Maine Divorce Group appeals to you. Although your objectives might be well-intentioned, representing yourself isn’t a smart move due to substantive and technical pitfalls.

So, if you are going through a divorce, it will be good if a lawyer represents you. Here are some of the reasons why:

The Events Before You Filed For Divorce Could Be More Significant Than You Think

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Remember, “the best offensive is a good defense” does not only apply to sports. A meticulous divorce attorney will identify compelling evidence that opposing counsel might attempt to use against you during negotiation.

This includes transaction history, correspondence, social media, and other things. Every detail is traceable, especially in the era of evolving technology. Indeed, it’s imperative that you be honest with your lawyer from the start.

Attempts to hide properties, extravagant spending, and efforts to form marital waste are intentional depletion of joint properties. All these can become contentions and expensive matters during divorce proceedings.

Similarly, things posted in writing, such as email and social media, that can be accessible to your spouse would be a fair game. So, it will be hard to determine what you should protect yourself against without legal counsel guiding you.

Divorce Is An Emotional Situation

Every divorce is fraught with deeper emotions. You apparently loved your partner for several years or decades and might still love them. You may also hate them for various reasons, and this emotion is strong.

Whether you feel hate, love, sadness, or all that, your emotions are very intense during the divorce process. That means you’re prone to making poor decisions when dealing with such intense emotions. So, it’s better to allow a professional who isn’t emotionally invested in the divorce to deal with the proceedings.

Filing Documents on Time to Meet the Deadlines

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From the start of the divorce procedure, meeting deadlines is imperative for the case. Failing to file the case on time will cost you significantly, both financially and financially, with things money can’t value, such as parenting time. That’s not all! Failing to meet essential deadlines will have an unexpected domino effect, jeopardizing future options or rights you might have.

For instance, you have a set timeline to answer if the opposing lawyer serves you with a divorce petition. Failing to do so within the required timeline will result in your partner getting a default judgment. That means the judge will construe your silence as an agreement to the terms in the petition.

A similar case applies to motions arising during your divorce case. Missing a deadline to respond may imply that you don’t give yourself a say in the amount of child support required, where the kids will stay until trial, who should pay which bills, and who will stay in the family house until the case is resolved.

Not knowing when to file evidence and documents with the court is not good for your case. It may prevent you from showing the jury important evidence.

The best thing is that a professional divorce attorney from The Maine Divorce Group will ensure that all the documents are submitted accurately and on time.

You Might Not Know What a Favorable Settlement is For Your Condition

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Hiring a family lawyer to write, review, and negotiate a divorce settlement is important to protecting your interest. A divorce lawyer has the experience and deep knowledge required to understand all aspects related to your case. They’ll spot potential mishaps and source experts and consultants like forensic accountants and tax specialists if required.

Whenever you relinquish legal representation, you are more likely to accept the terms that appear fair when you enter the agreement. However, those terms may prove unfair in the long run. Additionally, you might unknowingly or unwittingly prevent yourself or your kids from getting valuable rights, assets, or money to which they are legally entitled.

Your primary goal in a divorce is to get a fair, equitable settlement that meets your needs and interests. This will allow you to get out of the marriage with a robust foundation to start a post-divorce life. Your divorce settlement should last for years, and a competent attorney will maximize your chances for such an outcome.

Family Lawyers Prevent You From Getting Cheated

Unfortunately, most people try to hide properties during a divorce or don’t want to share all of their revenue. This is true, especially when they’re likely to be the ones to pay spousal or child support. Also, many people lack the resources needed to discover assets or even know how to do a basic financial discovery.

Nevertheless, a lawyer has the tools and experience to prevent your partner from hiding assets and misleading you about resources. Lawyers use skilled investigators and know places to look for hidden cash. With that, your spouse will not cheat you as they try to keep as much cash as possible.

An Attorney Will Keep You Out Of Court

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By hiring a family law attorney, you’ll have a better chance of solving the case using alternative dispute resolution methods. That means you don’t have to waste time and money going to court.

Attorneys trained in arbitration, mediation, and collaborative divorce will advocate on their client’s behalf. With that, you’ll avoid the adversarial and contentious nature of hearing trials and various court proceedings.

Alternative dispute resolution techniques employ neutral third parties to oversee divorce settlement. It’s the best way to avoid the money, time, and frustration associated with courtroom litigation. For instance, in mediation, your attorney will facilitate negotiation with a mediator, assisting you in reaching a fair agreement with your spouse.


Even if you’ve been best of friends with your spouse for decades, a divorce process is never a friendly experience. When ending your marriage, things can turn messy really quickly, particularly when sharing money and properties.

The effective way to avoid the worst part of the process is to hire a competent family law attorney.