Every driver should know, by now, that driving and alcohol don’t mix. Drunk driving is dangerous beyond explanation and it is irresponsible by any individual. Driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs destroys families. It is highly illegal, reckless and selfish, but somehow people still do it.

Most do this because they don’t understand why it is so dangerous. Alcohol affects many of the abilities we need to be safe on the road and behind the wheel. A drunk driver often forgets to wear a seatbelt, has a boost in his driving abilities which often result in speeding and fails to see that alcohol reduces the available vision of the driver failing to see other drivers, pedestrians or road dangers.

Alcohol also slows our reaction times and makes us sluggish which impacts the time and space we move to prevent collisions. After just one or two drinks you may experience blurred vision, difficulty to move and slower reaction times. If you are going drinking, please do not drive no matter how experienced you are, or you think you are. Have a designated driver or better take a cab or other means of transportation to your home.

Drunk driving charges are serious. There are many penalties a charge could result in. We’ve run through them, as well as a more in-depth look at DUIs.


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Drunk driving can either result in a misdemeanour or felony charge. Nobody will want you in prison if you are a standard first offense DUI. This is basically due to room in jail and because there are worse people than you who deserve to be there. But, if there were children in the car with you, or you injured or killed someone. If you’re charged with a felony DUI, you could see several years behind bars.

Jail time will also come with a first offense DUI if you manage to misbehave in court, get angry at a judge and act up erratically. You have to acknowledge your fault and receive well anything that is coming your way because frankly, you deserved it.

You generally won’t go to jail if you have a misdemeanor DUI. However, this may not be your first offense. If you’re a repeat offender, you might have to spend time locked up.  Look up someone’s jail record on this website.


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Fines are pretty standard throughout every state or county. Depending on where you make the DUI and where you earn your fine you will face anywhere from $2,000 and upward with very different fees attached for each place as well as penalties.

Along with being incarcerated, you’ll have to pay a fine. Don’t expect the sum to be small; it could go all the way up to $10,000. How serious the drunk driving charge is would influence how much you have to pay. Whether it’s the first time you’re being arrested for DUI or a second time, this would affect how much you have to pay too. Also, you can get in touch with professionals from torontodui.com.

Misdemeanor DUIs would result in you paying a fine in the hundreds, while a felony DUI would result in a sum near the $10,000.


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Probation would be an option if you’re a first-time offender. However, if you’re a first-time offender with a very serious DUI charge, you won’t be lucky enough to get it.

You can think of probation as a period of adhering to a judge’s rules. It would be a minimum of 12 months but can go up to 3 years. Some states and counties do up to five years of informal or court probation, so either way, you are still in a big problem.

Following the court’s conditions is mandatory. Not doing so would result in you getting jail time. In terms of some of the things you’d have to do, this would include meetings with a probation officer as well as undergoing frequent drug and alcohol testing. A drug or alcohol abuse program would probably have to be attended to.

There is also informal probation which means you don’t have to report to a probation officer and it means you agree to do three or four things depending on the place you make a DUI. The first one says you have to obey all laws, second, you have to pass a roadside breath test or a passing test on demand by any officer for any reason, third is you agree to drive according to zero-tolerance rules meaning no alcohol in your body at all and the fourth can be anything remotely tied to alcohol and the usage of a motor vehicle and it will depend on the place where you make your DUI.

Compared to prison time, probation seems like a dream. Of course, a good lawyer could fight for a lower probation sentence. Going for the most acclaimed DUI lawyer in Toronto and GTA would be necessary.

License Suspension

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Even if you’re not convicted in criminal court, a DUI arrest would result in your drivers’ license being suspended. The severity of your charge affects how long it would be suspended. Most of the time, it would be suspended for 3 months to several years.

Let’s be honest this is pretty much your best option if it happens but keep in mind that this should not be a thing at all. Drunk driving is more than simply losing your license – somebody could very easily lose their life thanks to you being an irresponsible individual.

If you are convicted in court, for however long your sentence is, the judge would also suspend your license.

Let’s summarize. Drunk driving charges would be on your record for years, if not permanent. Due to their severity, the penalties you’ll face would be severe. You could see several years in prison, and you might have to pay a hefty fine. If you’re a first time offender, you’ll likely get probation instead of prison. The probation could last between 1 to 3 years – there would be a very strict set of rules you have to adhere to.

All of this is supposed to divert you from this behaviour and we hope that it will. No matter how you feel about these penalties and what you believe in, driving under the influence of any kind should never happen. Be responsible and think about others before you think about yourself!