There is no simple way to separate from your spouse, as you will both have feelings invested in the relationship. The decision to separate can take an emotional toll, even if you are no longer in love with your husband or wife.

As you will want the process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, you must steer away from various gaffes that can prolong proceedings. Move on at a faster rate by reading the following ten mistakes to avoid during a divorce.

1. Making Emotional Decisions


The divorce process can trigger various emotions, such as sadness, anger, resentment, and grief. As a result, it is common for many spouses to become hostile, stubborn, or selfish during proceedings. Yet, this will slow down a divorce and prolong the intense feelings.

It is important to keep emotions out of the negotiation as much as possible to speed up the process. If you are unsure how to control your emotions during a divorce, you could benefit from talking to a therapist. They could help you process your emotions and gain mental clarity. By doing so, you both could reach an amicable agreement at a faster rate, which will allow you to move forward with your life.

2. A Lack of Compromise

A strict idea on a divorce settlement could slow down proceedings. If so, tensions could arise between you and your spouse, which may lead to a contested divorce. It is wise to pick your battles during the process, as it will allow you to close this chapter of your life sooner rather than later.

However, if you are struggling to reach a middle ground due to your ex-partner’s stubbornness, you must hire an attorney with experience in contested litigation, such as Sean Smallwood, P.A. They could help you receive the best outcome regarding child custody, spousal support, child support, and/or the division of assets and/or debt.

3. A Failure to Prioritize


You could come to an agreement at a faster rate by identifying your main priorities before kickstarting proceedings. Pinpointing non-negotiable terms could help you to identify areas you are willing to compromise on, too. For example, if child custody is a priority, you might be willing to back down on property division to secure an amicable, quick divorce.

4. Ignoring Tax Consequences

Do not overlook the tax implications of a divorce. It is essential to identify which parent can claim their children as dependents. Plus, you must update your income tax withholding as soon as possible, which will ensure you pay the correct amount. Talk to your family law attorney for advice regarding the potential tax consequences of a divorce, which can prevent problems from arising once you have officially separated from your husband or wife.

5. Hiding Assets


As you will want to hold onto as many assets as possible following a divorce, you might feel tempted to hide property, savings, or expensive belongings. Yet, failing to disclose this information could backfire during proceedings, and you may lose credibility. However, if you believe your ex-husband or wife is hiding assets, you must inform your attorney.

6. Underestimating Your Expenses

It is vital to gain a thorough understanding of your finances before or during a divorce process. While you might know how much money you will make each month, you might not have a firm grasp of where it goes.

Write down every expense to develop a realistic sum that you can survive on each month. Also, you must factor in:

  • Future living expenses
  • Inflation
  • Shared debt

7. Name-Calling Your Spouse


Your divorce can take an emotional toll on your children and increase their risk of mental health problems. For this reason, you must try to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

If you badmouth your ex-partner to your children, you may add to their pain and suffering. Plus, your kids may feel they need to take sides, which can create a traumatic childhood experience and unnecessary conflict.

Protect your children from emotional heartache by talking about your husband or wife in a positive light. Remember, you might be divorcing your spouse, but he or she will continue to be in your kids’ lives.

8. Poor Communication

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be at loggerheads with your spouse during a divorce. Most courts prefer both parties to communicate in a civil, adult manner, as this can speed up proceedings. Shutting down all communication could lead to disputes and stubbornness that could add months or years to a case. If one-on-one communication isn’t possible, you must communicate with your husband or wife through your attorneys.

9. A Poor Parenting Plan


Many parents make the mistake of saying, “we can work out a childcare plan later” or “they can see the children as much as they like” during proceedings. While this can improve trust between both parties, it could lead to problems after a divorce is finalized.

If you don’t have a clear parenting plan in place, you may need to return to court at a later date to secure child custody. Prevent heartache and stress by establishing a clear parenting plan with your husband or wife during the divorce process.

10. Unrealistic Expectations

There is no winner in a divorce. The breakdown of a marriage cannot only cause much pain and sadness, but your finances and lifestyle will likely change. If you suspect you will walk away from your relationship in a stronger financial situation, you may be disappointed once the divorce is finalized. After all, you may need to transition to a one-income household. However, if you didn’t work during your marriage, you may need to seek employment to support your new lifestyle.

Ending your marriage will not be easy, but it is essential for a happier future for you, your partner, and your children. If you avoid the above mistakes and secure an experienced lawyer, you could take some of the stress and strain out of the divorce process.

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