When we talk about the family, we usually take it for granted, especially if we are close to our relatives, and we don’t have an active dispute over something that matters both sides. But, not everyone in this world is lucky to have a family like that. There are plenty of examples of law disputes with the relatives over the family house, some building land, or any other property that both of the sides consider as theirs. Also, when a family member dies, and they don’t have a will behind them, then the family has a task to share their belongings into equal parts, but there will always be someone who thinks they deserve more. Also, there are many other family issues, including child support, shared parenting, relocation, divorce, adoption, and they are all under the same cap. That’s why you have to hire a professional attorney to represent you, in a case of a legal dispute over the issue.

Sometimes these things can be too sensitive, and we can’t clearly think about the best solution, and hiring a family lawyer is the best thing we can do in these cases. So, a good attorney will help you get through that, and win the case. Even when the case is more sensitive, like domestic violence or child abuse by a family member, you always need Trusted Legal Solutions to make things work out nicely in the end. Keep in mind that these cases are pretty stressful, and you really have to be strong to go through them and get what you want.

But, before you decide who to hire, you have to look for these qualities:

1. Their integrity and history of successfully closed cases

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This is a big deal, and you must be aware of that. If you are at a point to hire a lawyer to help you fix the family issues you have, then don’t set for less than the best. A good attorney will always be honest with you, and won’t promise miracles. They will set realistic goals to accomplish, taking all the important things in mind when developing their strategy to represent you at court. Insensitive cases like family issues, we all want the best possible outcome that won’t hurt anyone, but the fact that there is something that requires law support is enough to know that things won’t end up the best for both sides. The lawyer’s task is to make these things easier for you, and “squeeze up” all the advantages on your side. And you can do that with a person who already has some integrity among the others.

2. Their knowledge and skills

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It’s not enough to provide their university degree to prove their knowledge. They also should be good at practicing family law, because as we said, the topic is very sensitive, and they have to be able to handle the whole case professionally. Sometimes, they can develop an empathy for the client, but they shouldn’t let the feelings overwhelm them, even when they know they can’t do a lot to protect the client. You have the complete right to check their certification and competency before you hire them, and ask them for a history of the successfully closed cases in their career. Lenore Tsakanikas was named as a top 10 child support lawyer.

3. They shouldn’t promise things they can’t accomplish

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The laws already exist, and no one can change according to one case. So, a good lawyer will always be honest with you, open-minded, they won’t judge, and they won’t hide if the chances aren’t on your side. Sadly, there are people who are using their title to earn money, promising things they can’t win, and the people who have a legal issue with their family members are ready to pay even more to resolve it. But, an honest and professional lawyer will never do that, no matter how much they need the money.

4. Can you afford them

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Every service comes with a price. The lawyers do these things for living, and they can show empathy and understanding, but at the end of the day, it’s their job to represent you the best they can, and charge for that. It’s on you to determine if you can afford that type of service or not. Some lawyers will offer to represent you for free (or in legal terms known as pro bono), but it’s always a better idea to pay for the service you use.

5. Are they available right now

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You have to be aware that these people are usually very busy, and you can’t really expect them to immediately take your case. If they aren’t available right now, they will always recommend someone else to take your case, and you can be sure you will get the best representation on your side.

6. Great communication skills

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A good lawyer is also a good speaker and orator. They have to know how to communicate with every side in the dispute, so they can write down their representation, and always be in a contact with you, so you can both work on the case until you find the best solution.

7. Can they work on sensitive cases?

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When we talk about sensitive cases, we think about domestic violence, child abuse, marriage violence, and every other form recognized as violence over a family member. There are plenty of bizarre and disgusting cases, and the good family lawyer should be objective and hold the emotions because some stories are heartbreaking even for the biggest professionals. So, explain to them what’s the problem, and make sure they will be able to represent your side when you decide to take legal actions in cases like this.

As you can see, not every family is perfect, and a lot of them have so big issues, they need a legal advisor to help them find the best solution. That’s why many law students choose to practice family law, so they can be able to help these people who really need their support to resolve something that is destroying their relationships with relatives, parents, or even siblings or spouses.