The Boy Scouts of America or BSA doesn’t need an introduction at all. As one of the largest scouting organizations in the entire world, young boys used to be extremely eager to become a part of it and develop their characters along with learning some much-needed skills that would help them in life.

However, it turns out that the organization was sheltering monsters all these years. Nearly 93,000 former Scouts filed or reported sexual abuse claims against members of BSA. Read more about the lawsuit on This is such an appalling revelation that has tainted the reputation of the organization. But that’s not just it as this revelation has made it obvious to the world that they need to analyze where they are sending their boys to and if they are exhibiting any symptoms of sexual abuse. TheLawAdvisory website has covered this topic in detail and has a section that provides guidance to survivors who want to file a lawsuit.

In this article, our goal is to walk you through 15 interesting facts about the boy scout lawsuit that you never knew. So, let’s get right into it.

1. A Massive Settlement Proposal


Recently, BSA offered a settlement amount of $220 million as compensation for decades’ worth of sexual abuse complaints against members of the organization. Moreover, local councils may end up issuing an extra $300 million to support the cause. However, this proposal didn’t sit well with the attorneys representing the plaintiffs and was thus rejected.

2. BSA’s Recent Safety Measures for Protecting their Scouts

With the abuse complaints against The Boy Scouts of America piling up, the organization decided that it was time to introduce a Youth Protection plan that would not only educate people about this sensitive matter but also help in preventing abuse. Additionally, this plan was created with the intent to safeguard Scouts and leaders against false claims.

3. Privacy is an Option


Victims of sexual abuse who wanted to report their experience but keep their identities private were given an option to do so. Their names aren’t written in public records. Because of this, many people found it easier to take a stand and get justice for themselves while steering clear of warranting any unneeded attention.

4. Blast from the Past

Even though it wasn’t until a few years ago when this entire boy scout lawsuit situation started to pick up steam, that doesn’t mean BSA had their hands clean in the past. In fact, as per a Washington Post study conducted in 1991, around 1,151 Scouts reported abuse between 1971 and 1990.

5. Insurance Denied


Over the years, the number of sex abuse lawsuits ended up getting so big that BSA’s insurance companies were left with no option but to deny covering damages in 2018. These companies have stated that the organization (BSA) must itself cover the damages since it failed to take preventive measures in time to resolve the issue. This prompted The Boy Scouts to file for Chapter 11 in February 2024.

6. Early Courses of Action

When insurance companies brought up that the organization didn’t do anything substantial to resolve its sexual abuse problem, they actually had a point. At first, BSA decided that the best course of action to tackle this problem was to trust leaders to deal with it internally. However, frequently, BSA didn’t bother reporting any instance of sexual assault to the officials in charge.

7. Some Proof


In 2010, the BSA was ordered to publicize the confidential files of “ineligible volunteers” or the reported sexual predators. This data comprised the names of alleged abusers between 1965 and 1985. For what it’s worth, over 12,254 victims and 7,819 accused predators were named.

8. Fading Memories

Several victims expressed their concerns about not remembering all the details linked to their horrific experiences in BSA. However, many attorneys showed immense cooperation in this case and offered to help the victims recall as many details as possible.

9. Art Collection to Become a Part of the Settlement?


In order to show their willingness to help the survivors get justice and fair compensation, BSA proposed that it would offer its entire art collection as part of the settlement. However, it’s not clear whether this plan of theirs would work or not.

10. Additional Details Regarding the Art Collection

The art collection BSA proposed to contribute to the boy scout lawsuit settlement also comprises about 65 Norman Rockwell Scouting paintings. These paintings can easily be spotted in an Ohio museum.

11. Estimated Amount per Settlement


Considering for a second that BSA’s proposed settlement is accepted, that would mean that each claimant would get roughly $6,000, provided that the total amount is distributed equally.

12. What’s Not Up for Consideration?

BSA has stated that they are ready to offer all unrestricted cash and investments but on one condition. The said condition is that the organization would still get to keep $75 million in order to keep BSA afloat.

13. Allegations Regarding Hidden Assets


The Boy Scouts have gone out of their way to clarify that the local councils are financially independent of the organization operating on a national level. However, the plaintiffs and their attorneys are having a hard time believing the same.

14. What Could Happen Next?

In case both parties fail to reach an agreement or BSA fails to turn a profit, the court may consider it best to proceed with liquidation. While this isn’t what the survivors are hoping for, it’s not the worst outcome either.

15. Eligibility for Receiving Compensation


In order for a victim to qualify for compensation from the trust fund set up in the wake of BSA’s bankruptcy, one must have filed their claim before November 16, 2024.