Understanding your rights under employment law regulations is essential, regardless of whether you have recently started a new job or worked for the same company for several years. Inadequate knowledge of these rights may lead to underpayment or unjust treatment at work.

When adopting policies, procedures, norms, and other guidelines, employees typically believe that their employers have their best interests in mind. Although we want to think the best of our employers, they might exploit their employees sometimes.

Employers are obligated by law to respect and uphold the legal rights of their employees. When an employee thinks their rights are being violated, what can they do?

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Due to the interdependence of state and federal laws, employment law is extremely complicated. The best employment lawyers are completely familiar with these laws and any regulations and administrative processes unique to their field.

You can keep your career on track and avoid pay gaps by being aware of your rights as an employee and when it’s necessary to seek legal aid.

An employment lawyer from Madsen, Prestley & Paranteau LLC is the right person to contact if you feel your employer has violated your rights. But what is an employment lawyer, and when is the right time to hire one? Well, let’s find out.

What is an employment lawyer?

Employment lawyers are experts in issues that concern the workplace. Numerous federal and state rules govern working conditions. Similar to this, precedents for interpreting these statutes have been created through court decisions over the years.

Many people could have trouble understanding legal information pertinent to a particular issue or be perplexed by the terminology. Employment lawyers conduct the appropriate research, convey their findings to clients, lay out their alternatives, and represent their client in court or other legal proceedings.

When to hire an employment lawyer

Here are instances that require you to seek the services of an employment lawyer

  • When signing contracts and legal documents

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Before you start working at a given organization, your employer may require you to sign various paperwork. Non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, and other documents with complex legal jargon may be among them.

You might not fully comprehend what you are signing, but you could be afraid of losing the job opportunity if you don’t sign it right away. This is untrue because you may always review the paperwork with an employment lawyer to ensure you completely comprehend what you are signing.

Your employment documentation must be presented to you clearly and transparently. Your rights may be violated if your employer prevents you from understanding these documents.

Before kicking off your employment, and if there are new contracts to be signed while you are working, ensure you thoroughly understand all of the agreements you are signing before you go ahead and sign them. An employment lawyer can assist you with that.

  • If you feel you are working in an unsafe working environment

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In America, every employee can decline to engage in risky labor. It might be time to consult an employment lawyer if you feel unsafe at work and your employer is not trying to resolve your concerns. This is especially true if you work in a hostile workplace or a situation that makes it difficult for you to feel relaxed and effective.

  • If you have faced wrongful dismissal

The majority of states have at-will employment. This allows employers to fire a worker at any time for any cause, provided that the reason is legal. There are distinct illegal grounds that can render a termination of an employee unjustified.

Racial discrimination or retribution are prohibited grounds for wrongful termination. Having an employment lawyer on your side will aid your case because they will be fighting for your rights as someone who understands the law.

  • If you are facing/have faced sexual harassment at work

Suppose you have been a victim of sexual harassment at work or while on the job. In that case, you should report it immediately to the appropriate parties, typically the human resources division of your organization.

These events can occasionally be handled improperly or “swept under the rug.” Please contact a lawyer for assistance if this has occurred to you. Retaliation is prohibited if your employer chooses to fire you for complaining about sexual harassment. You can launch a civil lawsuit against your company for sexual harassment.

  • If you are facing discrimination at work

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Although it is pretty common, workplace discrimination can be very challenging to prove. Your employer isn’t allowed to treat you unfairly because of your gender, color, sexual orientation, religion, or other legally recognized traits.

Additionally, your employer is not permitted to take any sort of reprisal against you. If your employer starts treating you differently from other employees after you report discrimination, harassment, or a safety issue, they may be trying to retaliate against you.

Some companies may not take claims seriously, so having an employment lawyer on your side to support your claims and shield you from retribution may be vital. Your employer has no authority to threaten you in any way; if they do, you should get legal counsel right away to protect your rights and get you through this difficult circumstance.

  • Wage disputes

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All employers are generally compelled to pay their employees at least the minimum wage. They cannot refuse to pay you the salary you have earned and are entitled to. Contact an employment lawyer right away to explore your rights if your employer decides to withhold your salary.

Additionally, you can be eligible for overtime compensation. If you work more than a specific number of hours each week, your employer might be compelled to pay overtime wages depending on your employment category. You should hire an employment lawyer if you’ve been wrongly denied your overtime pay.

Wrapping up

As an employee, you must understand your rights. If facing any of the above-mentioned issues, you should hire a qualified and knowledgeable employment lawyer. The lawyer will navigate the employment laws to determine if your rights have been violated and help you get justice. However, it’s important to do your due diligence when hiring an employment lawyer. Make sure that the lawyer has a valid license.