Whenever you injure someone out of negligence, intentionally, or any other wrongful conduct, that person may pursue justice, financial compensation, and economic damages. The injured party may claim compensation for lost wages, emotional trauma, pain, suffering, etc.

As the defendant, you must be on the lookout before worsening the situation or contact Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers. Although personal injury cases are difficult to defend, hiring a personal injury attorney may help your lawsuits in different ways. Let’s check ways your personal injury attorney will help your defendant’s case.

How Personal Injury Attorney will be of help in your Case

Prove your innocence

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To win any case, you need to prove your innocence. Although, the plaintiff will do anything to distort the truth and try to show you’re negligent and you were at fault. If it’s a car accident, their attorney will try to prove your negligence by using your past driving infractions. They will also try to prove you’re incompetent and lying in court.

When you are at fault, the plaintiff will hire a lawyer to represent them, and it will be great if you get legal representation to give the best chance of winning.

Your personal injury attorney will gather evidence against the plaintiff

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It’s the work of your personal injury attorney to prove your innocence, so they will look for evidence against the other party. They must prove your innocence and prove the other party is at fault. You also need to prove the other party was negligent.

Without an attorney, you would have a hard time proving your innocence or proving the other party acted in negligence. So that’s why you need a personal injury attorney who knows the ins and outs of the justice system. The attorney will gather the necessary evidence and get expert witnesses like doctors who will be essential to your case.

The personal injury attorney will deal with your case as you recover

A personal injury case can be very exhausting. When you hire an attorney, they will handle the legal issues as you concentrate on healing. The attorney will also offer you emotional support as you recover from the injury.

The attorney will argue your personal injury case

In most personal injury cases, when you’re at fault, it’s hard to settle the matter outside the courtroom; mainly, the cases end in court. Since these cases are complex, you need a skilled personal injury attorney to represent you. The attorney will argue your case, and you may find yourself winning the case.

So you need to be careful when protecting your financial and legal interests. So even if you are at fault, there are dos and don’ts you should follow. Let’s check what and not to do when you cause an accident.

What to do when you are at Fault

Call the police

whether it’s after an accident or allegations of intentional harm such as assault, you should contact the police immediately. The police will come to the accident scene, take statements from all involved and get a report from witnesses. The police report will be essential later, especially if the plaintiff exaggerates what happened.

Corporate with authorities and emergency responders

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You shouldn’t get in the police or emergency responders’ way because it can worsen matters. So do what you are told to do because if not, it will make you look bad.

Take photographs

The accident may have caused damages; ensure you capture all of them, including the injuries. You should take pictures of the surrounding area and take as many as possible from different angles. This will help you if the plaintiff presents additional photos in court.

Exchange information with all people involved in the accident

If you can, ensure you write the names and phone numbers of people involved in the accident, and if it’s a car accident, get the injured party’s insurance details and their plate number. In case there are witnesses, ensure you get their information too.

Seek medical attention

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If you’re injured, you should seek medical treatment soonest to protect your health and any claim against other parties involved in the accident. The medical treatment may be necessary for any insurance claim that you may file regarding the incident.

Inform the accident and injury to the insurance company

When an accident happens, report it to your automobile or health insurance companies. Failure to report the accident in time may lead to denial of the claim or coverage cancellation.

Hire a personal injury attorney

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Hire a reputable personal injury lawyer if the other party sues you, especially when your insurer isn’t defending you. The attorney will protect your interests and rights and give you legal guidance throughout the case.

Things to avoid when you’re at fault

After causing the accident, some people panic, making mistakes that make the incident more serious. Here are things you should avoid when you’re a personal injury defendant.

  • You shouldn’t leave the scene: in case of an accident, you shouldn’t leave the scene until you give your details to the police or the other party.
  • Don’t move your car: when your vehicle is involved in an accident, you shouldn’t move it unless it’s a must.
  • Don’t hide evidence: you should tamper, hide or throw away the evidence. Anything relevant related to the case should be preserved.
  • Don’t discuss the accident case with anyone:  after the accident, you shouldn’t discuss the accident with the other party’s attorney or insurance company representative. You shouldn’t apologize to the other party because it may be taken as evidence of fault. Share your details with your attorney and not your insurance company representative. That’s why you need to hire a personal injury attorney, and if you don’t have an attorney, be cautious of what you say.


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You might think all is gone when you find yourself at fault in a personal injury case. But however tricky the case may seem, the personal injury attorney from Burwell Nebout Trial Lawyers will defend you in the courtroom. They will gather evidence from professionals, give you emotional and legal support and prove you didn’t owe any duty of care to the plaintiff.

That’s why you need to hire a personal injury attorney to guide you even if you’re at fault in a personal injury lawsuit.