Sometimes no matter how careful you will find yourself in an accident, it’s not your fault. So what will you do when it happens? In such cases, you need a personal injury attorney. They will represent your interests in court and ensure a fair settlement.

An injury accident may leave you badly injured. You may get what you deserve with the right representation, like medical fees, lost wages, or compensation for pain and suffering. Although the compensation may not get your health back, it alleviates the financial that associated with the accident.

What’s a Personal Injury Case?


This is when you suffer an injury because of the actions or negligence of another person; as a victim, it’s your right to seek financial compensation. So, when you attempt to seek damages from another person, it is termed a personal injury case.

The financial settlement usually comes from an insurance company representing the responsible person, like automobile liability insurance. When the person who caused the accident doesn’t have enough insurance coverage to cover damages, the additional amount may be gotten from their business accounts.

A personal law attorney comes with loads of benefits. Let’s check why you need Sayegh & Sayegh whenever you need a personal injury lawyer.

Why you Must Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

You need a personal injury attorney to win a personal injury case. The attorney will prove to the court the other party acted negligently or intentionally, causing you the injuries. From a legal view, negligence doesn’t have to be intentional, but it’s actions that lead to injuries.

You need an experienced attorney from Sayegh & Sayegh to prove the other party’s negligence. Here are the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney

The personal injury attorney is highly dependable


These attorneys are experts in the legal defense field, meaning they will battle for your interest. They will bring the court the necessary paperwork and ensure your case is properly handled, unlike the way you could have represented yourself. The lawyer is also experienced in the field, so they know the twists and turns of your case, meaning they will get you the right claims.

The personal injury attorney knows the legal system

You only know about personal injury cases if you are an attorney. These cases are complex and difficult to navigate since this is a new field to you. This may cause you to lose the case or get an unfair deal in the settlement.

However, when you hire an expert in the personal injury industry, you will have an easy time. You can concentrate on recovering while someone who knows all corners of the legal system takes care of your case. This will give you the confidence to win the case and get the compensation you deserve in full.

A personal injury lawyer has the right to connection


If you decide to handle the case yourself, you will find many hurdles since you don’t know where to start or whom to reach. So there wouldn’t be a better person to handle your personal injury case than the attorney.

They have the right resources and a network of experts who will team up to help in favor of your case. He can also gather the correct evidence against the responsible party. Additionally, most personal injury attorneys don’t demand the attorney fee upfront, so you don’t have to worry about where to get the money to pay the lawyer.

Handling settling agreements

Most personal injury claims don’t go to court; the two parties decide to settle the matter outside the court through negotiations. Since you are new to the field, the insurance company may take advantage of you and offer you a lower settlement offer. That’s why you need a personal injury attorney to help you negotiate, ensuring you get the best settlement for your injury claim.

Expediting your claim


A personal injury claim may take up to months or years when you don’t have the right representation due to various delays like legal paperwork, insurance red tape, and lack of witnesses. You are under-recovery, and you cannot wait for that long to pay out.

So hire an attorney to help you with your case, expediting the process. They will deal with insurance companies on your behalf and negotiate with the other party’s attorney to speed up your compensation.

The attorney has years of experience handling cases like yours

Your case will be one of many cases that your attorney will handle. They have handled dozens of such cases before, so they know from what angle they will approach your case. The knowledge and expertise are an added advantage in ensuring your case go smoothly. As a result, your personal injury attorney will help you to win the personal injury case.

Here is a list of things that your personal injury case attorney will do

  • Investigate the case facts: the attorney can access medical and police reports on what happened during the accident. By this, they can prove the other party acted negligently, drove under the influence, or intentionally.
  • They will interview doctors: your personal injury attorney may interview the doctors who took care of your injury to prove the accident’s short- and long-term effects and how you might not be able to live your life normally.
  • The attorney will gather your case evidence: the attorney has the expertise to interview witnesses and review any material like videos or photos of the accident scene. They may also hire accident an accident recreation expert who will try to gather more facts on your case.
  • Prepare your case: the best person to prepare your case is your personal injury attorney because they can negotiate with the insurer or present the necessary paperwork to the court.



After finding yourself in an accident, you wonder whether to hire a personal injury attorney. But that’s the first thing you should consider. Personal injury cases are complex, and you will be dealing with an insurance company. With a reputable attorney from Sayegh & Sayegh, you will receive the full compensation you deserve.

The personal injury attorney will help you receive your injuries in full from the responsible party and face the insurance company that may be willing to compensate you less.