Every new start in life feels excellent, feels awesome, love especially. When you first fall in love there is no feeling like it, it’s your food, your air, your everything. After some time, a natural next step is marriage and then everything that goes with it, home kids, etc. But, there is a but unfortunately, what happens when the problems start? Well, if you can’t work it out then you need a separation, and eventually a divorce. Couples often have to make the hard decision of ending a marriage. There are many reasons why couples choose this path. The decision can be a difficult one, especially if you have children. Apart from figuring out child support and child custody, ex-partners must also consider the division of financial assets. Hence, it can be a lengthy process.

To help make the process smooth, you need the help of a divorce lawyer. A lawyer will not only provide you with legal counsel but will also help you to get what is rightfully yours. When a divorce involves children, the situation can become a little complex. Hence, hiring a lawyer becomes of paramount importance. Also, a lawyer will keep track of the various documents that one needs to fill out. There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you wish to end your marriage.

Filing for divorce

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Some people do try to save their marriage and they go through all kinds of counselling, couples’ therapies, and whatnot. Those are the real heroes. Unfortunately, not everything turns out great in the end and not every couple finds their long-forgotten love toward each other. That where the divorce begins. Before the divorce proceedings take to court, one of the spouses will file for divorce. It involves filling and signing a petition that calls for a divorce. Among other things, the petition must include the documents about the residency of one of the spouses and the reason for it.

A no-fault divorce is a legal petition that can help streamline the process of it. You don’t have to provide a reason for divorce. This way you can hide certain things that make you uncomfortable in court from the eyes and ears of everyone listening. An example of this is someone wanting to divorce because of other spouse was having an affair, but that someone doesn’t want all of that dirty laundry being dragged in the courtroom in front of everyone they know and don’t know. This is when you are allowed, and can file for the no-fault divorce. You also have the option of temporary court orders. The time taken for it to be heard in court is often long. Such a situation might not be suitable for everyone, especially if ex-partners have to live together. Hence, while filing for divorce, you can apply for temporary court orders. These orders will provide temporary ruling for child custody, child support, and spousal support. These very often help in difficult situations, especially when the divorce arguments and intolerances come to a certain point where one or both spouses aren’t able to spend another minute together. This is the better path to take for you and for your spouse, kids (if there are any) and everyone around you.

Provide paperwork to your spouse

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After you have filed for divorce, you need to provide paperwork to your spouse. In addition to this, you need to provide a Proof of Service document to the court. This document ensures that you have met the requirements. If you do not provide this document, you may not be able to proceed with it. This is prepared by your divorce attorney, after you consult with them and after all the info you provide, the lawyer will draft the necessary paperwork according to your arrangement, needs and send it out to the other side.
When the other party has received the requisite paperwork, they need to answer the divorce petition. The other spouse needs to provide a reply within a certain time frame, after which the court will give a judgment.

There have been cases where the other party didn’t want to sign the divorce papers, didn’t want to go to court and simply refusing to be cooperative. This is something that happens and it can happen to you but everything can be solved, and it depends on the situation, the time frame before the divorce and the general spouse behaviour. This is where the lawyer is really handy and where they can fight this for you. If you want the best ones out there, click here! The divorce can’t be stopped and that is a fact, but it can cost more or last longer.

Divorce proceedings

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Every divorce proceeding has two ways it can go – nice and clean or spiteful and difficult where a lot of other individuals has to get involved. Depending on the situation you can be given a chance by the court to try and work things out by yourself, with your lawyers, or if that isn’t an option, you will most definitely go to the court where everything has to be dragged out on plain sight and the dispute will be settled by the judge. As we mentioned, the court may give a chance to both parties to resolve their issue amicably. They will allow the spouses to negotiate and if possible come to a peaceful arrangement. The couple and their respective lawyers will finalize child custody, child support, spousal support, division of assets, and other issues. Some may even opt for mediation. It involves one or more arbitrators resolving the issue.

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The decision of the arbitrator is binding on both parties. However, in some cases, a divorce petition may go to trial. Both the parties get a chance to provide their narrative. A divorce trial does cost a lot and also takes up much time. After the court trial has finished, a judge will give the ruling. It is simple and clean like that, but that doesn’t always mean it is as straightforward. There will always be the side that is not satisfied and they can drag the divorce for ages costing you and them more money, nerves and time eventually.


When you are filing for divorce, you must hire the best lawyer in Singapore. They can help you in finalizing the agreement while keeping up with the documentation as well.