In the US, in the past, there weren’t many strict rules and regulations on the ownership of weapons. The government did not pay much attention to who was purchasing these arms, and people throughout the US observed severe outcomes like school shootings. Recently in the past few years, many laws have been passed that control the ownership of guns and weaponry. It is difficult to obtain guns, but you can opt for weapons for defense.

These weapons are not very heavy and aren’t deadly either. An example of such a weapons is a stun gun. A stun gun or taser needs to be held to the neck, back, or knees for at least 5 seconds to work. Usually, women are easily given the license to own these guns for protection purposes.

You can find here more about defense weaponry, such as a stun gun for women. To own tasers, there are various options, such as government shops and different online shops. These shops must verify the owner’s license before issuing them any weapons. To sell such weapons, these shops also need a license. This license ensures buyers that the shop is authentic but also helps the seller and buyer gain a sense of security.

What Is The Procedure To Own A Stun Gun In The Us?

Hardly any part of the US requires you to own a license, especially for stun guns. While buying a taser, you need legitimate proof that you are above 18. A permit is necessary when you use that taser. Also, if you have a license for owning and using weapons, you don’t need to show any license for operating a taser to any officer. In such cases, your weapons license does all the work.


The tricky problem comes when you need a defense weapon but cannot apply for it—those over the age of 18 but are fugitives, drug addicts, or convicted felons.

Owning a weapon like a stun gun for safety purposes can never go wrong. It is one of the most straightforward and convenient options for defense weapons. But many people have gotten charged against them for not applying for a weapon license. It happened because they never realized that even tasers they have never used come under the law making it illegal to own without a proper permit.

6 Things To Know About Stun Gun Laws & Permit Requirements

Many people own stun guns as a tool for self-protection. It is also because many places in the United States do not require any license for the use of stun guns that have been modified for defense purposes. But even while traveling, if you are in a situation to use your tasers, you should be aware of the stun gun laws and permit requirements.

For your understanding, these are listed below.

Defensive Weapons

States that follow the law strictly and include any words such as defensive weapons include tasers. All rules that would be using the world’s defensive weapons would also be applied to stun guns. Many places like Iowa consider tasers a very dangerous weapon compared to a place like Texas, which does not have any laws or regulations for owning a stun gun.

Weapons Causing Extreme Pain


States that have mentioned phrases such as weapons that could cause severe injury, pain, and even death can include tasers as well that need permits. The reason is that stun guns bought for dense purposes and guns modified for defense purposes are different. For the first one, you need to undergo proper training before ever using it in real life. At the same time, the second one is made for defensive purposes and doesn’t need much training.

Red Flag Law

The red flag law is a very important law and can be applied to any citizen. When inforced, it asks the targeted people to give custody of their weapons to the respective authority, revoking their permits for some time. This law is beneficial in cases of mass suicides, prioritizing people’s lives. Stun guns also come under this law, as when used in a certain way, they can cause deaths in many situations.


When traveling with a taser, you must know the rules and regulations to avoid charges. Many sites give information about these laws, but going through them is not a practical task. Therefore, approaching an attorney for advice and information regarding the laws and permits is better than an attorney specializing in arms laws. You can always hold the attorney liable if there are loopholes in your information later.


Many places like Massachusetts had banned tasers till 2018. Though they are no longer banned, strict rules and regulations still need to be followed. In areas where it is illegal to own tasers, the government or the concerned authorities can press charges against a person irrelevant of whether they are traveling or carrying the tasers properly if they do not have a proper permit.

Carrying Stun Guns


Every state has different requirements for carrying stun guns when moving from one place to another. Many states even require you to bring these tasers in boxes or appropriate lockers regardless of your permit. The intention is to ensure that no one other than you can access the stun guns. It decreases the chances of any misuse without the owner’s wish.


A stun gun might seem like a small harmless weapon, but if used correctly can cause severe damage. When buying a taser, you should always go through its manual and ask the seller to explain its specifications. It will help you avoid any mishap due to unknown information about your stun gun or any weapon. Being careful with a firearm is always better than forgetting about it for both your physical and legal safety.

While buying a stun gun, you should research on your own to know about the latest laws applicable to the stun gun. The law regarding arms keeps changing to ensure there is no wrong usage of weapons. Therefore contacting an attorney for information on laws related to stunning guns is also an excellent option to stay safe.