We can see that cannabis has become quite a massive topic in the last couple of years. The industry has grown immensely over the last couple of years, and there is a lot of potentials. You can see that the local governments are conducting serious legislation changes to make their countries a good habitat for the industry to grow. The profits are exceptional, and that’s the main reason why so many are interested in it.

There are many examples of governments that have conducted these changes successfully, and they have all the conditions for the industry to grow in the future. So, it is a good thing to have in mind. Another thing we want to point out is that different countries have completely different cannabis cultures. A good example of that is Spain. You can learn about it at https://barcelonaweedmap.com/.

At the same time, people might think that laws are the same in all countries. But when you scratch the surface, you will see that this is not the case. Instead, each has its twist to it. Today, we want to stick to the cannabis culture in Spain, as we’ve said, and we will look at the local legislation.

Cannabis Laws in Spain

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Being among the biggest countries on the old continent, nobody should be surprised why Spain is a great market for cannabis. As is the case with practically every country in the world, cannabis is also a hot topic in Spain as well. It has been like that for the last decade. The reason is rather simple, scientists have found a lot of medical benefits we can reap from consuming cannabis-infused products.

That doesn’t mean that consumers are able just to consume cannabis as a joint, as it is a traditional way. Instead, you will see that the market is pretty versatile. You can choose from edibles, oils, and many more. When we talk about cannabis’s legal status in the country, we can see that the situation is somewhat complicated. It is not legalized for the recreational purpose to this day.

At the same time, you will see that there are a lot of cannabis associations all over the country. Only in the city of Barcelona do you have more than 200 locations. The reason why Barcelona is such a hotspot is that the autonomous region has legalized cultivation for those associations back in 2017. The only condition for these associations is that they are non-profit organizations and they are self-sufficient.

Barcelona as a Touristic Hotspot

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Those who know even the smallest details about Spain know that Barcelona is a tourist hotspot. It is widely considered as such by pretty much all Europeans. With that in mind, nobody should be surprised this is also the major reason why the local government has legalized cannabis. So, if you are a tourist and you are interested in buying cannabis, you will see that no legislation can prevent you.

Strangely enough, Spanish laws allow tourists to purchase these products and consume them while they are in the city. The locals have it somewhat more challenging, but generally speaking, they can also have the opportunity to do so. When you know this is the case in the city of Barcelona, and that this is a city that can offer you quite a lot of opportunities, then it is the right way to go.

But there is something you should be aware of. You cannot find these products in usual places. Remember, Barcelona is not the same as Amsterdam or any similar city in Europe. Instead, you will need to study the local laws carefully before you can consume them freely. Thankfully, you can find all the relevant information about local legislation online without any problems. It’s quite transparent and translated into all major languages.

What are Cannabis Clubs?

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We have mentioned that cannabis clubs are widespread in Barcelona. What do we mean when we say cannabis clubs? We are talking about organizations that can produce and sell weed. However, it is crucial to understand that only members of the club can purchase them. When it comes to tourists, they can get a limited membership card quite easily. They just need to visit one of these within the city.

These clubs are usually private, and you will be able to meet some exceptional people who can provide you with crucial information on the cannabis industry, as well as information about different variants. Therefore, you can see that this is a great opportunity for people to learn about cannabis if they are interested in it. Members of the club are well-versed in the subject and they can share a lot of knowledge.

As you can imagine, a vast majority of members of the club are locals. What is interesting to know is that members of these clubs can grow cannabis inside their homes, and they will have no problems with the law as a result of that. The tradition of these cannabis hubs is quite long if you consider the conditions. You will see that the first one was opened back in the early 2000s.

What about CBD Products?

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Spain is an EU country, and we can see that European Union has mostly legalized CBD to the highest percentage. However, the situation in Spain is widely different. What is even more interesting to know is that the situation was much more flexible just a couple of years ago than it is now. These days, those who are caught with some CBD products might end up paying some hefty fines as a result.

There is one exception to this rule, these products must have less than 0.2% THC. As you know, this is quite a low percentage and it is not always possible to expect that the products from all over the continent have so low percentage. Therefore, it is important to be careful about having these products with you.


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The situation in Spain regarding the cannabis industry is significantly different than in most EU counties. Here, you can see all the most relevant information about the local cannabis culture as well.