It is human nature to fight for better living conditions for yourself and your family. Work is undoubtedly an important link in this. It often happens that people are dissatisfied with their income in their place, so they increasingly decide to go to a bigger city where they will have more opportunities or even to another country. When we talk about Europe, Great Britain is undoubtedly one of the countries with the best standard of living, so we should not be surprised by the fact that for many people it is a dream country.

However, deciding on this step is not always so simple because it takes some time to “prepare the ground”, as well as to inform yourself about your rights and responsibilities. Below, read some of the tips that will make it easier for you to achieve what you envisioned.

Find an employer


In order to even think about going to this country to work, you need to find an employer. Today, it is possible to find a job on the Internet, but also through an intermediary or by direct contact with the employer.

What is a work permit?

This is the permit that the Home Office, the British Home Office, should issue to you before you take up the post, except in cases where you fall into categories for which exemptions apply. The work permit is in the form of a pink residence registration certificate. Everything will go much easier if your occupation is in deficit in Great Britain because if it is not, the local residents will always have the advantage. So, if you are lucky, what you will need is a skilled worker visa in UK.

What does the skilled worker visa offer you?

In this way, you will gain many benefits, the most important of which are that you will live and work in a country with the highest living standards in Europe, you will have a well-paid job, and in time you will be able to apply for a visa for your whole family.


The good news is that the costs for a UK skilled worker visa are not high and range from an average of 610-£1408 depending on the period you want to go.

Workers’ rights

The next right is the right to social insurance, i.e. the right to be insured for health, pension, and unemployment based on work, and the employer is obliged to register you for social insurance before starting work. So, whether it is a worker with a permanent or temporary residence in the UK, health care and pension insurance are what they follow, as well as the right to annual leave. Rights, obligations, and responsibilities from the employment relationship, i.e. on the basis of work, are regulated by the Labor Law, special laws, and the collective agreement or labor regulations and finally the employment contract and may vary, but these are still things that must be observed in every contract.

Signing an employment contract, applying for social security, and respecting the hierarchy of acts The employer may not hire a person who does not have a signed employment contract, and this is a violation of the employer, for which he may be fined. Therefore, when your employer invites you to start work, you should insist that you sign an employment contract before starting work.

Check the labor legislation of the country you are going to


Labor legislation regulates rights, responsibilities and obligations from the employment relationship, but not in the same way in all countries. That is why it is very important that you get detailed information beforehand about how the law regulates the relationship between employer and employee in the country where you plan to find employment. You can find out useful information regarding employment opportunities within legal migration by contacting the Migration Service Center.

Working conditions

Perhaps the working conditions in the country you are coming to are different from those you will be treated in the UK – therefore, you should be provided with the costs of travel, accommodation and food, the maximum working hours as well as the minimum working hours must be precisely defined , equality between the genders is guaranteed, and so on.

Additional education

If, currently, there is no open job position for your profession, do your best to provide yourself an additional education that will make а skilled worker from you. Do not hesitate to invest in knowledge, it is always a good idea.

The most sought-after occupations


In every country there is a shortage of certain personnel. The most sought-after occupations in this country are IT specialist, nurse, high school teacher, finance specialist, engineer, pilot, sales manager, lawyer, and so on. With these jobs you can earn from £20,000-£110,000 a year. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Knowledge of the English language

If you are wondering whether skilled workers need knowledge of the English language, the answer is yes. You must be able to get along with your employer, colleagues and public services. It is advised to complete the English course in your own country, because it is more financially favorable than those in the UK, but if you still decide to attend the course in that country, the public polytechnics there offer a good standard.

How long can you work on a pink permit before you are entitled to work indefinitely in the UK?

Twelve months. After you have worked legally on a pink permit for 12 months, you will no longer need such a work permit and will have unlimited access to the UK labor market.

Working abroad can be an exciting opportunity, but also a great challenge in an individual’s career. New experiences, people and environment are eagerly waiting for you. On the other hand, it is not so simple to leave everything, pack your bags and go to another country.

As you can see, this country offers many opportunities for employment, and it is up to you to seize your opportunity.