Are you a visionary investor or an ambitious entrepreneur seeking new horizons and limitless possibilities? Look no further than the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a land of golden opportunities and a thriving business ecosystem.

Mayak Real Estate is here to guide you through the UAE immigration programs tailored specifically for investors and entrepreneurs, opening the doors to a new world of growth and success. Discover the requirements, benefits, and opportunities that await you on your path to becoming a UAE resident through investment and business.

Why Choose the UAE?


The UAE has positioned itself as a global hub for business and innovation, attracting individuals from all corners of the globe. Here’s why the UAE stands out as an exceptional destination for investors and entrepreneurs:

  1. Strategic Location: Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the UAE enjoys a geographically advantageous location, making it a gateway to vast markets and facilitating international trade.
  2. Business-Friendly Environment: The UAE offers a business-friendly environment with favorable tax policies, world-class infrastructure, and a robust regulatory framework. It embraces innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a nurturing ecosystem for startups and established businesses alike.
  3. Economic Stability: The UAE boasts a robust and diversified economy, known for its stability and resilience. With a strong focus on innovation, technology, tourism, and finance, the UAE presents abundant opportunities for growth and prosperity.
  4. Cultural Diversity: The UAE is a melting pot of cultures, welcoming individuals from various backgrounds with open arms. The rich tapestry of diversity fosters creativity, collaboration, and a global mindset, making it an ideal environment for international business ventures.

UAE Immigration Programs for Investors and Entrepreneurs


1. Investor Visa

The Investor Visa is designed for those seeking to invest in the UAE and establish their presence in the country. To be eligible for this program, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Minimum Investment: Make a substantial investment in a qualifying sector, such as real estate, technology, healthcare, or tourism.
  • Financial Stability: Demonstrate your financial stability and ability to support yourself and any dependents.
  • Business Plan: Present a comprehensive business plan outlining your investment objectives and the potential economic impact of your venture.

By obtaining an Investor Visa, you gain the following benefits:

  • Residency: Enjoy the privilege of residing in the UAE with your family.
  • Business Opportunities: Tap into the vast business opportunities and favorable investment climate of the UAE.
  • Access to Services: Avail yourself of world-class healthcare, education, and other essential services.
  • Tax Advantages: Benefit from the UAE’s attractive tax regime, which offers significant tax advantages for investors.

2. Entrepreneur Visa

The Entrepreneur Visa is tailored for individuals with innovative business ideas and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This program aims to foster the growth of startups and encourages entrepreneurial talent to contribute to the UAE’s economy. Here are the key requirements:

  • Innovative Business Idea: Present a unique and innovative business idea with the potential for growth and contribution to the UAE’s economic landscape.
  • Business Plan: Develop a detailed business plan outlining your objectives, strategies, and potential market impact.
  • Financial Viability: Demonstrate the financial viability of your business idea and the ability to support yourself and any dependents.

By securing an Entrepreneur Visa, you gain the following advantages:

  • Residency: Obtain the right to reside in the UAE and work on your entrepreneurial venture.
  • Access to Resources: Access a network of support, mentorship, and resources to nurture your startup.
  • Business Support: Benefit from government initiatives and programs aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Opportunity for Growth: Position yourself in the heart of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, connecting with like-minded individuals, investors, and potential partners.

3. Business Owner Visa


The Business Owner Visa is designed for individuals who wish to establish and own a company in the UAE. As a business owner, you have the freedom to shape your enterprise according to your vision and goals. Here’s what you need to know about this program:

  • Company Formation: Establish a company in the UAE, either as a sole proprietor or in partnership with others.
  • Minimum Capital Requirement: Fulfill the minimum capital requirement specified by the UAE authorities for your chosen business activity.
  • Business License: Obtain the necessary business license based on your company’s activities and operations.

By acquiring a Business Owner Visa, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ownership: Retain full ownership and control of your company in the UAE.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to conduct business operations and explore various growth opportunities.
  • Residency: Obtain residency for yourself and your family, granting you access to a wide range of amenities and services.
  • Market Access: Gain access to the UAE market and its extensive network of potential clients and partners.

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