Work can be a stressful and boring pace to be, especially if you’re disinterested in your job. However, as well as this, work can be a dangerous place with thousands of people ending up hurt or seriously injured at work every year, making it one of the most hazardous places to be. There are many reasons why work can be such a dangerous place, and that’s why business owners put in so many protective measures to try and prevent accidents from happening.

Going through a work injury can be a painful and horrible experience, so to help prevent any injuries happening to you, here are some of the most common work injuries that occur in the United States, with some tips on how to best avoid them.

Slips, Trips, and Falls


This is the most common type of accident due to the fact that it can happen in any work environment, such as a retail shop, an office, or in a factory. The main cause of slips includes uneven ground, broken steps, and wet floors. Falling over can cause serious damage, depending on the age of the person and the manner in which they fall. It can cause bruising and sprains but can also cause individuals to break bones or even suffer head injuries, including a fractured skull or concussion.

If a fall at work, or in any public place for that matter, causes continued pain and damage to an individual, then that person may have the right o make a claim and win some compensation. This is only applicable if someone was at fault for making the surface hazardous, with examples being a broken step that hasn’t been fixed or brought to the public’s attention, a wet floor that hasn’t been accompanied by a sign, or uneven ground with no prior warning. If you’ve fallen at work and are seeking compensation, perhaps Brown & Crouppen law firm can be of assistance.

Muscle Strains


Muscle injuries are particularly common among jobs requiring manual labor. These can easily happen when individuals try to carry and move large items or lift boxes and crates without using the proper technique. Back and neck strain is the most common area of discomfort when people get a muscle strain and, in some cases, can render people bedbound for a time period if the strain is particularly severe.

However, these injuries can be easily avoided by adopting a proper lifting technique. The main point to focus on is to try and lift with your knees and ensure that your back is straight when lifting items, as this will create less pressure on your spin. Also, if there is equipment to help you lift and move items such as pallet trucks or trolleys be sure to use them as this can be a great preventative measure.

Being Stricken by Falling Objects


Plenty of workers, particularly those within construction and engineering, are at great risk of being struck by falling objects. Depending on the mass of these items, the injures received can range from bruises and cuts to more severe potential brain damage and impalement. The best way to protect yourself from these injuries is to wear a helmet when on building and construction sites, as these are hard enough to deflect falling items such as hammers and nails, and they offer adequate resistance against larger items, which could potentially save lives.

However, even those working in office environments are not safe from this potential injury, as objects can easily fall out of cupboards and off shelves. Reminding employees and co-workers on how to store their items safely can help avoid this injury from happening, storage cages could also be installed so that people’s belongings are locked away and more secure.

Crashes and Collisions


Many workers get to their office buildings or other facilities by driving, and due to the increased amount of road users during rush hour, collisions, crashes, and other road accidents are more common; and depending on the speed and impact, a crash can be devastating. Furthermore, workers such as delivery drivers, taxi drivers, or those in other roles that require a lot of travel are also at risk. Injuries that can occur through a crash can include whiplash, which can be a truly painful injury to sustain, as well as fractures and bone breaks, which can all inhibit a person’s ability to work for a significant period of time.

The workstation isn’t free of vehicle hazards as well, as many places deploy forklift trucks and other small, drivable machinery that can also cause serious damage if they collide into each other or into an individual. The best way to protect yourself from crashes is to always stay within a speed limit and ensure all safety features are enabled and in use such as seatbelts and airbags.

Ear Damage


Many workers can be exposed to loud noises for a long period of time and this can cause irreversible ear damage that can affect an individual’s quality of life forever. From tinnitus to complete deafness, exposure to loud noises can be devastating. The reason there is a risk of this at many people’s workplace is due to how many businesses use loud machinery to manufacture products.

To protect employees, many businesses try to ensure that their workspaces are under a certain decibel threshold, but to provide extra protection for yourself, there’s also the option to wear earplugs or earmuffs to muffle the sound and prevent it from hurting your ear and the tiny bones within it.



Although the idea of businessmen and women fighting each other many seem comical, physical conflict is far more common than people may think. The stress and pressure of some workplaces may cause tempers to flare up and individuals to lash out, resulting in brawls that can cause bruising, lacerations, and other forms of damage.

The best way to prevent injuries resulting from this is to try and create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere within the workplace and create procedures to help employees to deal with their issues. Team-bonding exercises may also be a good idea as this can build better comradery and create a friendlier environment.