Were you in a car accident not too long ago? If so, you might want to get in touch with your lawyer and see your preferred and available options. Did you know that there are around six million car accidents in the US per year?! And around three million people end up hurt in a car accident, some suffer minor and others major consequences. Let’s not forget to mention how much your car can end up being damaged as well. Try to avoid any kind of irregularities if you find yourself in this situation, and keep on reading. Here are some key facts that you will want to know!

So, what is a legal definition when it comes to a car accident?

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A car accident happens when a vehicle hits an object, a different car, or when it collides. It can also hurt a pedestrian or an animal in the process. A driver must prove that he is (or was) capable of driving the car and that he was under no drug or alcohol influence when the crash happened.

Who is a car accident lawyer?

A car accident lawyer is a person who can help you win the case that you bring to court. They believe that your injury or any form of damage was caused by a second party, and they will try to prove it. You will be advised on how to approach your accident since they know how insurance companies work in this case.

8 signs that you need to consult a Car Accident Lawyer

1. How affected were you

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For some people, losing their job due to a lack of mobility for a couple of days is a real problem. On the other hand, you might be prevented from coming into the office since you didn’t have your main means of transportation. You can sue the other party in this case, and you can get your hospital expenses covered. A car accident lawyer will help with payment schedules for these ongoing costs.

2. Who was injured

Who was injured aside from you? How many people were involved in this accident? You should get their statements as well as injuries logged in by your lawyer or the police. Your lawyer can help you and these people win the case + they can function the best and at their pique, as well as by representing all of you at the same time. Dealing with different people and tracking their cases is a good method for both of you.

3. Insurance issues or any contrary

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You might run into loads of different problems or irregularities when it comes to your insurance. How about your medical insurance? Was your car insured as well? Your lawyer can gather all of the needed paperwork at the right time and they will close the case sooner. Just be honest with them so that they understand your options, as well as what they’re working with.

4. You are having a disagreement

You should understand your options before you begin with the process. In the USA, an accident victim can try to recover their goods or damages only after admitting that they are responsible for half of the accident. However, this might be different in your city or in your country, so ask your lawyer about your preferred approach. You should understand that your car accident lawyer can help you understand the basics in this case.

5. Emotional suffering

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Car injuries and emotional trauma are quite common in your case and are the most-talked-about topic when it comes to car accidents. Pain and suffering can be handled with psychiatrists, but you can also get paid for your caused trauma while having all of your shrink sessions covered as well. Emotional suffering should be handled and approach differently, just be honest with yourself and with how you’re actually feeling after the accident.

6. Where did it happen

Where did the accident happen can play such a huge role in your case. Was this accident in a private or public space? Did the car crash on a dangerous road, or did the crash happen due to heavy rain and snow? You might want to fill out the administrative claim with a county or city government office. Your lawyer will give you the best solution in your case.

7. What is your insurance company like

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Most insurance companies will try to avoid your calls, and they will not give you an adequate solution. They will be hard to settle with, and it will take weeks (or months) for your lawyer to get in touch with them, and to give you the best deal in the end. Just be prepared and equipped with patience, as well as with an amazing lawyer.

8. You weren’t satisfied with the driver’s insurance company settlement

Speaking of the settlement, you should be prepared for something quite low at first. Try not to accept it, and listen to your lawyer. Will the settlement and their preferred amount going to cover everything that needs to be done, such as your medical expenses or your car repairs? If the answer is no, rather play it slow and steady, as well as smart to win the race.

So, what to expect & what to do?

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Finding an attorney and fully trusting them can feel scary, as well as intimidating. This especially applies to people who have never had to work with a lawyer before. Luckily, The Embry Law Firm is an amazing firm that will help you with the basics throughout this process! They specialize in car injuries, police brutality, burn injuries, as well as uber accidents. With their help, you will understand what needs to be done, and you won’t feel lost in the process. They will help you with the needed paperwork, will organize your medical bills, communicate with insurance companies, and will present you with your future options and end-goals! Let them do the job for you, and trust the process.

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