Justice Snow's Bar

The bar at Justice Snow’s serves up hand-crafted cocktails made with rare spirits, fresh components, and limitless creativity. While we have the most extensive cocktail program west of the Mississippi, our incredible bar staff welcomes the opportunity to custom-craft drinks to suit our guests’ personal tastes.

The menu below provides a glimpse of our favorite spirits and most popular cocktails. Our full bar menu is an ever-evolving, 95+ item, leather-bound treasure that you can explore while sitting at our bar. Our fearless bartenders are always happy to provide a guided tour of its contents.

Yes, we take cocktails seriously, but it goes even farther than that. House infused spirits, absinthe fountains, punchbowls filled with classic and exotic recipes, hot drinks featuring Intelligentsia coffees, beautiful mocktails, vintage glassware – these are the things that get us really excited.