Marriage is a legally regulated community of the life of a woman, and a man terminates in a lawfully regulated manner. Unfortunately, divorce today is widespread and, according to scientists, an extremely stressful and traumatic event in life.

The marriage ends with the death of the spouse, annulment, and divorce. Spouses are entitled to divorce if they enter into a written divorce agreement. But what if the battle for the property, child custody, and alimony must be fought, then a lawyer must be called. Introducing the six best divorce lawyers in Indiana.

1. Adam Scott Lutzke Law Offices


This law firm that specializes in divorce was created four years ago, in 2016. They are the details and aspects of a single divorce, including alimony, property division, and child custody. They work in the best interests of the children and deal with the severe sharing of time between parents, that is, how much time a child will spend with mom or dad after a divorce.

6525 E 82nd St Ste 102

Indianapolis, IN 46250

(317) 258-7809

2. Adler Law LLC


This law firm represents all the people of Indianapolis and the surrounding area, and its founder, Michael Adler, has more than 15 years of experience in practice, which is truly impressive. The years of successful mediation are behind him, where he best represents the children’s interest in the divorce process. He is a member of the respected National Institute of Trial Advocacy.

120 E Market St Ste 380

Indianapolis, IN 46204

(317) 635-7880

3. Applegate & Dillman


This well-known law firm deals with divorce issues in the Indianapolis metro area. The attorneys within this firm have the most experience with divorcing older couples, where the most attention is paid to the distribution of assets. One of the major issues with such divorces is jointly acquired debts and how to handle it.

2344 S Tibbs Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46241

(317) 492-9569

4. Baker Law Team


Baker Law Team, a company that specializes in child support and child support in addition to divorce, is also dedicated to alimony and child custody. They also deal with domestic violence, divorce litigation and support their clients throughout the divorce process.

Indianapolis, IN 46220

(317) 524-6900

5. Banks & Brower


This law firm assists clients in Indiana and the surrounding states, dealing with divorce, alimony, custody, property division, consensual divorces, and wills. Also, this company deals with criminal law and injuries at work. So, if you have a problem that is not a divorce and you need a good lawyer, contact this law firm that has a wide range of jobs to do.

Indianapolis, IN 46260

(317) 870-0019

6. Black Clay


The law firm, Black Clay, dealt with family law and criminal defense issues in Indiana and Chicago and was recognized as the best in 2015 by the American Institute of Criminal Attorneys.

Indianapolis, IN 46260

(317) 580-9007

We hope this text has helped you and have found a lawyer of your own.