Serving the Aspen Community

All of us at Justice Snow’s would like to thank the many members of our community and guests who have taken the time to visit us, talk to their friends and neighbors, write letters to the editor and/or contact members of the City Council in support of our restaurant.

“Small business and small entrepreneurs have a very hard time in our country. We should encourage our people to keep growing locally. Like this restaurant. Hope to be able to have dinner again at this restaurant. I wish you the best of luck and hope to have dinner in Justice Snow’s. I hope you guys make it with all my heart.” – Danny Kullman

“I am a native Aspenite and I have slowly seen local restaurants and gathering places disappear. I am so very sad about this. Please consider working with Kylie to stay open. I love the restaurant …definitely THE best burger in town, great staff and a friendly, open, local atmosphere. She has hosted so many local arts events which Aspen SORELY needed at her own expense. She told me she lost 2-3K in lost revenue per salon, yet continued for 5 years. Again, I hope there is a solution. I pray there is a solution! And I hope I am not too late.”

– Christie Interlante

Aspenites have witnessed many local restaurants go out of business and others who have been left high and dry by developers. We acknowledge that we have made missteps in the past. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn however, and we are focused on fulfilling the mandate set by the City. We have revamped our winter menu so great options can be found at all price points. We have reopened for weekend brunch and plan on opening for breakfast in the near future. We invite you all to discover our changes first-hand!

We very much appreciate the City making our unique space available and want to continue to serve our local patrons and guests alike for many years to come. Our door is wide open and we genuinely welcome the opportunity to meet with Council members to listen to their thoughts and concerns. We hope our commitment to service and open communication can foster a mutual understanding that leads to a great outcome for our community.

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