Justice Snow’s Announces Name Change

Rains Logo

April 1, 2017

For Immediate Release


Michele Kiley, 970.948.9209

Alan Cole, 970.618.7690



ASPEN, COLORADO – Aspen restaurant and bar Justice Snow’s at the Wheeler Opera House has officially changed their name to Justice Rain’s. Restaurant proprietress Michele Kiley announced the radical move this morning in order to draw attention to climate change.

“I’ll be honest,” said Kiley. “I wake up in the morning and that’s what I’m seeing outside. I feel the time has come to stop pretending that this isn’t happening.”

The restaurant’s new logo will replace the now-familiar scales of justice with umbrellas. The menu will be featuring more sustainably caught freshwater fish entrees as well as side dishes using ingredients made using aquaponic growing techniques.

The restaurant’s famed cocktail program will focus more attention on rum-based tropical drinks with longer-term plans to open a bespoke Tiki bar inside the establishment. “We’re looking to create a ‘bar-within-a-bar’ atmosphere where people can make the most of the warmer weather,” said Kiley.

Without citing specific examples Kiley said she hoped that other local businesses with the word “snow” in their names would follow suit. “It’s absolutely the right move,” she said.

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