Injuries are mostly confusing, and there is a lot of uncertainty and fear in a person’s mind regarding personal injuries. People may not be sure of what they should do when they or someone they know met with an accident to ensure the safety and good health of the party.

Below are the few steps listed that can help add knowledge to your interest regarding the precautionary measure that should be taken after the accident.

1. Get the Medical Treatment


Get to the nearby hospital or medical facility as soon as possible. This is the first thing one should do in the case of an emergency. You can call an ambulance by speed dialing 9-1-1, and the ambulance, whichever is nearby, will be dispatched to your location.

Immediately call for medical help, which can be via a first aid kit in cars or nearby stores, which may help the sufferer suffer from less pain until the proper treatment is started. Make sure that you are fully recovered.

Allows doctors to acknowledge your injury to assist you with the proper and the best treatment. Ensure that you establish a proper connection between you and the injury location because it will help you claim the injury claim and request a copy of all your medical reports to provide to your lawyer. To learn about the New York personal injury law, you can visit The Ottley LawFirm.

Copies of the documents given below are very crucial.

  1. Admission records
  2. X-rays
  3. MRI’s
  4. Doctor’s notes

2. Collect the evidence at the scene


If you are at the place where the accident occurred, you can collect the pieces of evidence that can help you in some way or other. Because once the person leaves the scene, the pieces of evidence get likely cleaned up or maybe altered by someone.

So while a person is waiting for an ambulance or police, it becomes important to collect the evidence then and there, and you may also note the factors like number plates and the date and time of the accident occurrence.

These notes help in the investigation, and it’s best to write them down then and there because it remains fresh in memory.

One can also ask a witness who saw the accident if they remember anything and ask for their help if needed. A personal injury lawyer can also contact the eyewitness, which can help you with the case.

If there are any CCTV cameras or traffic cameras, you can note them down too because the lawyer may get to the footage to know how and when the accident occurred.

Smartphones play the best role, so if you have a smartphone, you can record the video of the whole scene and take pictures related to the accident.

Such as Traffic signs, wide span pictures and injuries progress, and damage to your vehicle and property nearby will help a lot in the progress of the case it happens.

3. Contact the nearby police station


If there is any property damage or injury, you must go to the police. The Officer of law enforcement will look into the matter of the accident.

By the observations, the police report will be noted down, and the other driver or person, if found guilty, will be charged under the punishable offence of breaking the rules. This will help you in claiming the recovery easily.

4. Consider talking to a lawyer

Hire a lawyer who can help you out in the case because of someone’s negligence why you should suffer. The lawyers are good at making a strong case win, and it will help you finance-related issues because the second party will incur your expenses.

All the car accident claims, slip and falls, personal injuries claims and defective product claims will easily be claimed with the help of a lawyer.

A lawyer can help you handle all kinds of communications with the insurance company. Their legal team works on a contingency fee basis, which means don’t pay them until and unless they help you fully recover your claim.

5. File Insurance claim


It would be best if you attempted to file an insurance claim, and it plays an important role too in compensation for the damages you have suffered like

  1. Properties damages
  2. Lost wages
  3. medical Wages
  4. Sufferings and Pains

When you are planning to claim your money, stick to all the facts you have considered because making any statement will play an important role in the speed of the claim you will receive.

Also, consider not signing any documents without talking to your professional lawyer because the insurance companies are very intelligent.

They may make you a victim by falsely playing in their agreed terms and conditions, which you will sign, luring the benefits you would get when you are met with an accident.

Still, you are surprised by the terms and conditions mentioned somewhere you haven’t had your eyes on because investing insurance companies plan to give the least possible amount to your best interest for the damages done.

So signing the settlement document in the witness of a lawyer will be the most suitable option you must consider.



There are lots of accidents taking place daily. Many are claiming companies too have been established that falsely play the person’s minds while asking you to agree to their terms and conditions.

Still, at the time of the claim, they play their true cards because they want to find a way or devalue your claim so that they do not incur the burden of the claims. But there are best insurance companies too which are helpful.

And most importantly above five points describes what a person should do when they or someone they know met with an accident.