Have you been charged with a DWI? DWI is usually a Class B misdemeanor, but in certain circumstances, such as if your BAC is 0.15 or higher, it can be escalated to a Class A misdemeanor.

While you might assume that a misdemeanor is not as bad as a felony and face DWI on your own, a conviction can haunt you for years. You could lose your driving privileges, and the criminal record can impact other faculties, like owning a firearm, retaining custody of your children in case of separation, adoption, and securing lucrative job opportunities, to name a few concerns.

Considering the seriousness of a DWI charge, visiting https://www.dwilawyerstexas.com for consultation or to enlist an experienced and reputable lawyer in Texas is critical.

A DWI lawyer can help you better understand the magnitude of the charges you are facing. They can also help you establish the best strategy that can even see the charges significantly reduced to the extent of not being convicted, significantly fined, or points taken from your driver’s license.

They can challenge the evidence, whether it is your first, second, or third DWI, and if the judge suppresses the evidence, you can’t be prosecuted. In other cases, your best strategy could be to take a plea bargain.

Your lawyer can present all the options, help you through each, and pick a strategy that won’t see you incur hefty fines, probably serving jail time, license suspension, and community work. But how can you choose a DWI lawyer who’ll have your best interest at heart, not simply looking to close the case? Here are a few pointers to help you choose the best.

1. Accreditations first

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Are you licensed? That is a non-negotiable. If a DWI lawyer is not licensed and registered, chances are they can skip town, and you wouldn’t have a legal framework to protect your rights.

For an even better option, pick a DWI lawyer registered in Texas. This means their main practice area is Texas. Such a DWI lawyer is well-versed with the state’s rules and regulations, giving you an edge as you navigate the legal complexities of criminal charges.

Enlisting an out-of-state DWI lawyer is not necessarily bad, but they aren’t the best option. Besides incurring significant overheads, which will be transferred to you in terms of a huge bill, they may not know the ins and outs of your state’s DWI laws, which is a disadvantage in your case.

2. Experience

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How long have you been practicing DWI law in Texas? Do you actively represent clients, or is this a part-time gig? Hands-on experience can’t be substituted for anything else; after all, you want the help of someone who understands the intricacies of a DWI charge, or else you could have gone at it the DIY way.

A lawyer who has been in practice for years has critical information at their fingertips that can speed up the process and help realize favorable outcomes.

They won’t be second-guessing their moves as they help you navigate the criminal charges. Such a confident and commanding DWI lawyer can make the process much easier for you and, with their experience, get you better results.

3. Reputation

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Can I talk to some of your previous clients? A lawyer who delivers as promised can back their word with a long list of happy clients.

They wouldn’t think twice if you asked them for a few clients’ contacts who can vouch for their services. If they aren’t so eager, chances are that they have disappointed many and are afraid you’ll uncover their shortcomings when you talk to the provided references.

Besides talking to previous clients, today, you can easily tell if a DWI lawyer is a good match for your case through online reviews and ratings. Browse through the lawyer’s website and navigate to the testimonials section.

Read through as many reviews as possible, but remember some might not be genuine. They could be solicited or engineered, meaning you should consume them with a pinch of salt. You can do one better by considering input from independent review sites, helping you gain a less-biased opinion. A DWI lawyer with glowing reviews and inspiring ratings is the go-to.

4. Charges

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The best DWI lawyer in Texas can save you considerable money, especially considering the reduced fines, avoiding jail time, or losing a job due to a record. Even with this, you should still pay attention to the financial implication of enlisting professional services.

Here is the bottom line; don’t pick the lowest rates to save a few bucks. It doesn’t mean the priciest lawyer will offer top-class services either. The trick is considering the rates, your budget, and the value a DWI lawyer can deliver.

A lawyer readily available to take your case is resourceful, and has clear charges is an ideal solution. This means they won’t be juggling your case with another load or hit you with a shocking bill afterward that could cause financial strain.

5. The standing

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Do you have outstanding or previous disciplinary issues? Honesty is critical. Why would you expect they’ll represent your best interests if you don’t get a clear answer to such a question? Check the lawyer’s standing on the state bar’s association website before scheduling a meeting.

If you find unresolved matters or ask and they aren’t truthful, direct your search elsewhere. A disciplinary issue is not necessarily bad, but the lawyer should be honest with it, meaning they can also hit you with the truth about your DWI charges.

6. Your gut

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Do you like the lawyer? Can you confidently tell them almost anything? Communication is critical as you face criminal charges. If you do not like the lawyer, you won’t give them all the details of what transpired.

The details matter since they form the basis of your defense. Developing a trusting and healthy relationship with a lawyer you like will be easy, facilitating open and productive communications.

Enlisting a DWI lawyer can significantly improve the odds of securing a favorable outcome, including having the charges dropped in certain circumstances. With the above pointers, you’ll easily navigate the competitive arena, find, and hire a DWI lawyer in Texas who’ll represent your interests to the fullest.