New Zealand is a beautiful island, with a lot of history and an amazingly friendly culture. New Zealand offers you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, have some exotic food and experience different types of arts, culture and entertainment. It also offers the opportunity to work, study or visit on holidays without hassle.

Think you’re ready to move? Planning for a move to New Zealand is never an easy process, but a little planning can go a long way. Find out here how you can get prepared for your new future in New Zealand!

Get the right visa


With so many visas to choose from how do you decide which visa fits best with your skills? Migrants and temporary residents are generally only required to apply for a visa in their country of residence, however, there is an exception for those who are coming to NZ under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC).

The SMC category applies to people who want to move to NZ permanently to work or study. To be eligible applicants must have higher-level skills, usually at university education level, or two years’ experience in an occupation on New Zealand’s Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL).

Know the cost of living


Is New Zealand an expensive place to live? New Zealand is among the ten least expensive places in the world relative to income. This means that in NZ it will take less of your income than elsewhere on average to achieve the same standard of living that you enjoy at home.

You can rent a 3 bedroom flat for an average of $385.00 NZD per week including rates and power in Auckland with plenty of room to spare. In fact, New Zealanders have the fifth-highest average wages in the world.

Getting employment


New Zealand has long been a land that welcomes immigrants with open arms, and it’s no secret why. Its wide-open spaces, mild climate and unique culture coupled with its strong economy, relaxed lifestyle and high quality of living, make it an attractive destination for ex-pats of all sorts.

The New Zealand Government recently decided to increase the number of migrants coming to New Zealand by up to 15,000 each year. This is a great opportunity for people who are looking for an exciting new adventure overseas or a fresh start in the form of a beginning in a brand new environment and culture.

…Or studying for a diploma/degree


Whether you’re going to school or studying abroad, New Zealand may be the perfect destination for you. Millions of people from around the world study in NZ each year and immigrants are a critical part of the lifeblood of the country’s economy and culture.

On a scale of one to 10, living in New Zealand is an easy 11. On the surface, there are no discernible challenges for foreign students looking to study in New Zealand. When you enrol in a New Zealand study programme as an undergraduate international student, you enjoy the benefits of higher education in one of the world’s most exciting countries.

However, if you are non-EEC, are from outside the UK, US or Australia and want to study in NZ as a foreigner there is additional red tape. Make sure to check relevant websites or ask for a guide from your Immigration Consultant for more information about the country and university systems.

Finding a home


New Zealand is a country that is always welcoming new permanent residents. If you are moving to New Zealand, one of your main concerns would be finding a home for yourself and your family. Here are quick tips on how to find a house in NZ or even buy your first house in the country.

  1. Find a Listing – The first step is to ask different agencies and contacts for the names of landlords who have properties that you would be interested in renting. Good places to look include the noticeboards at a university, your local library or council offices.
  2. Find Housing – Talk to lots of people and keep an open mind about what’s available.
  3. Contact Landlords – Ask them about the type of people they are looking for.

You may also want to explore real estate or home moving apps, websites, and directories to search neighborhoods and filter options to match your preferences. These tools can help take out the hard work for you by hand-picking accommodation options that are right for your lifestyle.

Learn the lingo


Regardless of your nationality, learning the English language is a great step towards getting to know the ‘local’ in any country. But why just stick to English when New Zealand also has its own unique lingo?

If you’re planning on migrating to New Zealand and want to make a real connection with Kiwis, it’s worth knowing some common phrases and words that they use every day. Knowing the native language of any country is a sure-fire way to show them you want to feel like a local and connect with them. The locals can pick up on your willingness to integrate and bond by any word or phrase that you choose to take on.

Learning the lingo is one of the most important things you can do when you move to a new country. Whether it’s the language, the slang or just things that define how Kiwis live their lives, it’s all part of getting to know your way around.

Know the culture


New Zealand culture is really interesting and unique, but it can also be tricky to understand if you’re new in the country. It’s not all green grass and lollipops.

In many ways, the NZ culture is a perfect microcosm of The West. You’ll find NZ people incredibly caring and generous; they are also self-deprecating, love to celebrate and laugh, and are often seen as sensitive flowers by the world.

It helps to understand the NZ culture when you move to the country and want to be assimilated. Some of them will amuse you – others may surprise you!


New Zealand is a country that will not disappoint. The beauty of this country and its people await you. If you’re looking for the opportunity to boost your career, create your own business or study in a friendly environment, then New Zealand is the place for you.