Recently, there has been a slight decline in the volume of software development for the legal industry, this is mainly due to the fact that it has large technological problems that can make it easier to work in this segment. This is also facilitated by the high cost of legal services and consultations, as well as the complexity of the legislative framework, which is regularly updated.

Online consultations and various applications attract the attention of the most technologically advanced clients, as this reduces costs and facilitates consultations, which ultimately takes away some of the work from various law firms and private lawyers.

Within several years, most associations (including the American One) have been changing their set of professional rules and all this is done in order to comply with the ever-changing demands that affect the legal industry as a whole.


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Software development for a law firm is not easy for a number of reasons. Situations change every day and/or new tools are introduced which make it difficult to keep up. These development challenges are made worse by lawyers who develop their software without necessarily knowing all the rules and regulations pertaining to the development process.

As a result, the program may fail or become ineffective at meeting client needs, resulting in fines or even legal actions.

A new segment of the online consultations market is gaining its positions while demanding confidentiality, stability, data protection, and cross-device compatibility. The solution for such a task is mainly customized to the particular company and developed individually.

The main problem of the development of legal technologies


The financial crisis hit various business categories hard and the legal business also suffered huge losses. This is due to a decrease in customers, as well as an increase in various requirements and regulations that business owners have begun to put forward to legal companies.

Law firms that used the funds received to develop their business, while not paying attention to analytics and new technologies, gradually began to lose the competition to other companies and even private lawyers.

The main problem was the lack of legally competent lawyers and technologically savvy lawyers. Thus, a problem was formed, the solution of which is extremely necessary for the current market. The solution to this problem promises not only a huge profit but also a lot of long-term contracts, as well as the development of the entire industry as a whole.

Advantages that technology will bring to the legal business

There will be many such advantages, but there are 3 most important ones, namely:

1. Save money and time


Many of the usual processes will be automated (invoicing, scheduling of working days and meetings with clients, simplification of document flow, and other tasks), which means that lawyers will be able to devote more time directly to problems and methods of solving them.

Automation of routine processes will allow you to save on the staff, as lawyers will have more free time and will be able to simultaneously deal with several projects at once without deterioration of the services provided.

2. New ideas

Modern technologies have an analysis mechanism, on the basis of which it is possible to understand the weaknesses of the company, as well as the presence of current problems. Improving these parameters will have a beneficial effect both on the company’s image and on the quality of legal assistance provided.

3. The development of technology occurs together with the growth of the company


Successful law firms tend to expand, which means that the current technology may eventually become outdated and not meet the new requirements of the company. Projects created by individual orders can be changed based on the necessary new needs of the company.

At the same time, this will save time on development, as well as the final cost of modernization, which will allow you to direct the saved funds to advertise a law firm.

Aspects that you need to pay special attention to when developing your own legal technologies

Each technology is suitable for a specific business model. A well-developed model will really save time, finance and improve the quality of services provided. However, if you choose the wrong model, it will lead not only to unnecessary financial expenses but also to a deterioration in the quality of services provided, which will not be reflected in the image of the company. That is why, before ordering and integrating the resulting model into the business, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

1. The advantages received by the company when introducing a new model, as well as the associated risks

Many documents and processes are confidential, which is why they need to be extremely carefully stored and protected. Automation increases the effectiveness of security, but when contacting unreliable developers, there is a possibility of leakage or theft of these documents (blackmail, resale of this information, additional earnings, and other options). That is why you should contact trusted developers and not pay attention to the minimum price.

2.  Selection of the main functions


For the most part, all the software is identical. The main difference is the processing and the final visualization. However, you can connect various functions (for example, a client application) to improve the quality of service and improve the services provided.

3. The choice of the company that will directly develop the software

It is necessary to pay attention to suppliers who already have experience in the development of this software, as well as various positive reviews. The end-user rarely understands what exactly he needs, and experienced companies will help to understand all the required aspects, as well as offer additional services that will improve the quality of the final product and help in the development of the law firm.