If we just stop for a second and think about our life, how much everything changed, and how fast new changes are coming, and how quickly we manage to accept them, we will realize that we truly are living in a world that, even for us, was a movie buff just a two or three decades ago. Everything improved so much, and at the speed that new technology is improving our lives, it will not take too much time before we accept AI as a common thing. Working from any place in the world for an employer on the other part of it will also be something quite usual, as some people already work this way. But let’s leave that aside for a moment, and talk about one of the first things we do when we get to some new city, and that’s ordering a cab.

Yes, we are all used to yellow cabs as common practice for this type of service, but, as we already mentioned before, everything is changing, so does cab driving. Add to these new generations who are far braver to try out new things, and you will get that services like Uber are today a favorite way of short distance traveling. Of course, you can travel for as long as you want and to an as far destination as possible, but short-distance traveling is more than 90% of all cab or Uber drives.

When did it all start for Uber?

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When something new comes to the stage, some gladly accept it and are willing to try it, others are skeptical, and some just wait for a while to see what that is all about, and the same happened with Uber. Namely, it all started in 2009 in San Francisco, but it took a while for it to spread to other cities and countries. Nevertheless, Uber is today a company with the highest growth, best quality service, and the highest number of satisfied passengers. But it’s not just the new name for a cab that is responsible for such remarkable results, and it is more about the service itself, as it was not just something new, but also something that spends much better care on passengers wishes and needs.

New things also bring new types of troubles and problems, and the same is here, and many don’t know the course of action they can take in case of drivers’ negligence, and dull and time-consuming bureaucracy doesn’t help. Those who already experienced this know what we are talking about, but let’s clear some things on whether Uber is liable for its drivers’ negligence.

The difference between the employees and independent contractors

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The first thing we need to clear is the difference between the employees and independent contractors, and it is one of the main things on which the rideshare companies rely when it comes to some accident. The companies are responsible for their employees’ behaviors, which means if the employee had an accident during the working hours, and it is their fault, the company is liable too. On the other side, the independent contractors are working on their own, so their company cannot be responsible for their negligence, but they can surely be. It means that from Uber’s point of view, it is much better to hire independent contractors than employees, and for people who work there, it is much better to have the status of the employee than of the independent contractor. If the company is liable for the accident of its employee, it means that they will spend hours and hours in court just to end up paying high compensations to everyone who experienced some accident. In case something like this happened, it could be disastrous for the company. But, if the driver is the independent contractor and causes the accident, the company is not responsible, and they can lose a lot of money because of the lawsuit and also their job.

What are they responsible for?

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In case of any accidents, depending on how severe it all is, trauma, fear, pain, all of this is what a victim goes through, and since none of it was the victim’s fault, they have the right to adequate compensation. As we mentioned before, it is more likely that in case of an accident, the driver itself is responsible and not the company per se. It means that for any injuries and pain suffered by passengers, medical costs, possible wage loss, and almost any other type of financial loss, drivers are those who need to compensate for it. Medical costs can get pretty high, which is why suing for compensation, if there is no other way to get the money, should be your priority.

Liability insurance

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No matter the type, insurance overall is of vast importance, particularly in situations like this. But, what most people have trouble with, is not knowing details about liability insurance, as the amount of coverage, as an example. Every vehicle working for Uber company needs to have liability insurance, and, in situations when their driver is responsible for an accident, that insurance covers their passengers, other drivers, and passengers of those other vehicles, pedestrians, and everyone who suffered any kind of injury. As for the amount, while on the trip, the liability insurance is 1 million USD, with coverage even in a situation when it wasn’t Uber drivers fault, and while between two trips the liability insurance is 50.000 dollars for injuries, and 100.000 dollars for property damage.

The bottom line

There is and will be a dispute on whether Uber should be responsible for their drivers’ negligence, but for now, in most cases, drivers are those who are liable in case of an accident. Liability insurance covers all the possible costs and medical bills of the victims, but having insurance on your own is always recommendable. Various websites like quoteradar.co.uk have vast experience in this field and offer help with finding the best and cheap insurances, and checking them out will make your job much easier.