These days we have online casinos all over the place. In most cases, they’re legitimate gambling sites, but this is not always the case. The more players, the bigger the chances someone naive could be taken advantage of. Players are all the same; they play for fun and for the big win. In the case of a massive cash prize, the only thing left is to celebrate, right? Well, not necessarily.

Sometimes, online casinos can pull an ugly trick on you and refuse to pay out your winnings. This is an unpleasant situation, but you can find your way out of it and resolve it in your favor. We are here to talk to you about what you should do if you get tricked by an online casino and can help you with that. Of course, get your money back. Let’s see what your options are.

See if Casino Has Legal Grounds

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As you know, the biggest trick any casino can pull on you is to refuse to pay out what you won. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you need to find your way to receive what’s rightfully yours. But, first, you need to be sure that it truly is yours. There are cases when casinos don’t have to pay you out. When this is the situation, there’s nothing much you can do. Casinos will know what their rights are, and they won’t back down an inch. So, when does this happens? In instances where you have opened a couple of accounts, but the casino policy states you can have only one. Obviously, you’re in the wrong. Having more than one classifies them as fake accounts, and you’ll be in the wrong. Furthermore, your win can be canceled if you pull back on your deposit. We shouldn’t even talk about instances where players decide to sue specified software in order to go around the system.

Contact Customer Support

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If you ever visited an online casino, then you know all of them to have quality customer support. It’s a part of the trade. Your next step should be getting in touch with casino authorities. Even if you can’t get to the higher-ups in the casino hierarchy, people who answer you first should be able to give you basic answers to what went wrong and why is your payment stuck. In some cases, they might just need some additional documents, and the issue could be easily solved. If this is not the case, you could at least gather additional information that could serve you later.

Deadline Day

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Once you are done with customer service, you’ll be either satisfied or not with what you achieved. If not, you should tell them that, and give them a deadline to which you’ll be patient to wait for a satisfying answer. It would be best if you also asked for them to contact you before the deadline. To ensure they’re reminded in time, you could send them a payment reminder, which contains the deadline. In a situation like this one, you should not discuss a period longer than one week. A payment reminder should also include a warning that you are going to take further steps to achieve your goal if they fail to answer you. At this point, you should not inform them what your next steps would be.

Contact The Authorities

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Sometimes it might be the case that while a casino operates in your state, it’s base of operations in a foreign country. This is something you need to know before taking further action. All online casinos operate under a license, and in the footer of their websites, you can see which country issued them. If it isn’t there, search for the legal section of their page for additional info. Once you find under whose jurisdiction they are operating, you can take your detailed description of the entire situation there. What you need to submit to them is all the documentation and records of conversations you previously had with the casino. In most cases, you’ll encounter English speakers, so you should be prepared for this. If English is not your native tongue, you should employ a professional translator.

Contact a Specialist Lawyer

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If you spend your time gambling and placing bets at websites such as, you shouldn’t have any legal issues. Unfortunately, not all of them are equally reliable, and if you find yourself in a legal pinch contacting a specialized lawyer should be your next step. If the casino isn’t backing down, and licensing authorities aren’t doing anything in your case, hiring a lawyer specialized in international law could help you. In the best-case scenario, they would already have experience in similar cases, including online casinos. The downside of this is that hiring a lawyer costs money, as they won’t provide their services for free. This is why you should only pursue this option if you won a substantial amount of money. If you still decide to hire one, once you are in their office, you should go through all of your documentation to better conclude how high are your chances of winning.

Going Public

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Online casinos base their business on client/house confidentiality. Once the trust is gone, they find it hard to operate. This is why they might release your money if you decide to make the things public. These days this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Thanks to social media platforms, you can make your voice heard. If your personal social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter fail to produce a result, you can turn to bloggers covering online gambling.

Furthermore, you can contact all the media who focus on gambling if they’re willing to take on your story. The last straw for you could be getting the game developer. Most online casinos don’t have their own software but rely on third-party development. Most developers are no fans of cheating, nor when their products are used for purposes they didn’t have intended them to.