Every form of gambling is accompanied by many superstitions and myths that most people believe in. It is probably in the nature of man that he tries to justify things that he cannot fully influence with different beliefs that eventually become myths. As sports betting is one of the most popular and fun types of gambling, there are also many myths associated with it.

Everyone loves to bet on sports because it’s a lot of fun and can bring in money. Soccer betting stands out, because it is the most popular sport in the world and the season lasts almost all year round so you always have many leagues to bet on. That’s why you must have felt the excitement many times when the game starts, the outcome of which you tried to guess and you invested money in it. Betting certainly does not depend solely on luck like some other form of gambling, but it is also necessary to have knowledge. That’s why it is important to know to discern truth and myths, so as not to throw money at unfounded beliefs, instead of using a different strategy to win money.

1. You have to be a soccer expert to be able to bet

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We will not say that this is 100 percent a myth, because as we have already said, you definitely need to know the sport you are betting on in order to be successful. Or you don’t but that lowers your chances. But a lot of them will misinform you and tell you that if you don’t know every player and every team you can’t bet on soccer. Of course, this is not true for several reasons. First of all, even the coach of a team cannot predict the outcome of a match with certainty because many factors affect it, so luck will certainly be very important to you. For example, you can win money, and someone who is watching football much more than you will lose money. Secondly, it is enough to know the basics, you certainly do not need to be an expert. In this way, people try to demoralize you and diminish your knowledge in order to stand out. Do not listen to others, but go and place a bet. You have the same chances as these alleged experts.

2. Nobody makes money

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All those who have lost money several times in a row when betting on soccer talk about how it is impossible to win money that way and that you should give up too. You will always hear such and similar stories, but don’t let that discourage you. While it is of course the wrong tactic to expect to make a living from it and rely on a constant inflow of money from betting, don’t even think that you will always lose. Many people have won large sums, and many also profit from it on a monthly basis. So don’t believe the myth that everyone loses money, it’s just the resentment of those who lost at that moment. Everything is individual.

3. Almost every match is rigged

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Very similar to the situation from the previous paragraph, also all those who lose money will try to convince you that everything is rigged and that it is impossible to win. We have been hearing about how everything is rigged since the very beginning of sports betting, but of course there is very little evidence for that. Although sometimes there is a scandal like Calciopoli involving rigged matches even in top level leagues, it is very rare and in the end the perpetrators are always caught. That’s why most sports and clubs avoid to have any relation with match-fixing, because it is not profitable to them at all. They could end up in jail, and the profit would not be greater than what they otherwise earn by playing football. So why would they risk? You can be sure that matches are not fixed, especially in top level leagues. Don’t listen to those who say it’s all rigged, because it’s just pointless. Just visit some of the sites like ufa.bet that offer football betting and when you see how big the offer is, it would simply be impossible for every match to be rigged as it would involve too many people. And only a few people can know about rigged matches.

4. Gambler’s fallacy

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Gambler’s fallacy is known as “the due” is a myth based on the mistaken belief that someday you have to start winning money. If you believe in it, it’s time to stop believing in it as soon as possible, otherwise you are on the right track to go bankrupt and become addicted to gambling. Many people try to justify this myth because they talk about how when you toss a coin, your chances are 50-50. But that is not comparable at all, because when you bet on football, there are not only two possible solutions, so the chances are not 50-50. Also, the quality of teams varies greatly, so it can happen that one team beats another 10 times in a row and it has nothing to do with luck but with quality. So forget about “the due” and know that you can lose many times in a row.

5. Bookmakers are trying to cheat you

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You have to understand that when bookmakers determine the odds, they do not intend to deceive you, but it is their job. Their task is to create odds by giving you a chance, but also to ensure that the house is not at a loss. It is very easy to debunk this myth. It is enough to advise all those who believe that bookmakers are cheating on them to play opposite. If it is true that bookmakers cheat, then that would provide you with a safe win. But that, of course, is not the case, but the odds were created in relation to the real situation in soccer.


You should understand betting as fun and only in that way will you bet in the right way. When you understand all this as fun and something that will make watching football even more interesting, then you will not be inclined to believe in myths.

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