Divorce is associated with anything but happy endings, but does that always have to be the case? Well, it’s a rare occurrence, but sometimes, once people decide to make that move and talk to a divorce attorney, they gain a fresh new perspective and end up fixing their marriages instead!

While lawyers are far from being marriage counselors, they can have a big role in stopping you from getting a divorce.

Of course, it’s important to note that not all marriages are savable. If you’re suffering from any kind of abuse perpetrated by your spouse, make sure to leave the situation as promptly as you can.

So, with that being said, let’s talk about how your divorce attorney can help you save your marriage from falling apart.

1. A wake-up call

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Sometimes, the fact that you’re finally acting on your thoughts of having a divorce by talking to a lawyer can be enough to leave you questioning your decisions. In most cases, people feel an entire range of emotions before making that call. It’s never one-sided, and it’s never simple.

Visiting your lawyer’s office can provide you with a huge reality check: are you making the right decision? Is it all completely unfixable?

While your lawyer will never try to convince you to stay in a toxic or abusive environment, hearing a third-party perspective can truly change your outlook on the matter. So, while we suggest trying to get some counseling before you make an appointment with a divorce attorney, they might end up being the ones who persuade you to try and fix the relationship you once cherished.

2. Custody difficulties

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Couples sometimes decide to file for divorce on an impulse, out of anger and disappointment. Well, anger and sadness can often cloud our judgment and lead us to make some regrettable choices. In those emotional and stressful moments, people usually forget about the legal complications divorce brings to the table, especially if there are children involved.

Custody battles are never a pretty sight. No parent wants to lose the privilege of seeing their child every day. More importantly, your divorce affects their emotions and their happiness as well. A lawyer can show you all the possible legal repercussions of getting divorced when you have children. In many cases, this is enough to make parents reconsider their decision.

3. Financial repercussions

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While you may feel like getting divorced is the only solution to all of your problems, this may end up being quite the opposite. Don’t believe us? Ask your lawyer. While most people think that it’s all over once you start thinking about getting a divorce, according to a Rockland County divorce lawyer at www.silkcooper.com, it’s not always the case. Once your marital property starts getting divided, you’ll quickly realize the gravity of the situation. Your legal representative will be able to show you how your finances and property will end up looking like once the separation is finalized.

While staying in a bad marriage over finances is never a good idea, it might be what pushes you to try harder and reclaim what you’ve once had in the relationship with your spouse. Remember, all relationships have their rough patches, and sometimes, it’s worth pulling through it all.

4. They’ve heard it all

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Your lawyer has enough experience with troubled marriages to honestly tell you whether it’s worth fighting for or not. They’ve seen many dysfunctional relationships, so they’ll know when a problem is too big to overcome. Of course, as we said before, lawyers aren’t your therapists, but they’re still professionals who deal with human relationships for a living. Sometimes, people simply cannot see that their issues are a natural part of domestic life, and an experienced professional can help them realize this.

Besides that, a lawyer’s job is to work in your best interest. They’re representing you, not your spouse, nor your family that may be pressuring you to leave. They’re not going to lie to you or tell you what you want to hear. It’s against what the profession stands for, so you can be comfortable sharing your story with them.

5. A lawyer’s job is to handle disputes

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In some cases, the cause for divorce is only a certain dispute that the couple is unable to resolve by themselves. After hours of arguing, it becomes a deal-breaker.

Well, that’s where your attorneys can step in. They specialize in resolving conflict, so there’s a good chance they can help you find the middle ground. There’s even a specialized area in Law called the “Mediation to Stay Married” that deals with these types of issues.

Of course, sometimes these disputes run much deeper than a simple disagreement between the two sides. Again, your lawyers won’t try to make your stay in a relationship where there is no love, respect, and any mutual understanding left. Nonetheless, as they’re extremely experienced in dealing with couples stuck in troubled partnerships, they’ll be able to tell whether your divorce is worth the financial and emotional strain or not.

6. A leap into the future

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Once you present all the facts of marriage to your lawyer, they’ll proceed to apply the law on these facts, so they’ll be able to tell the possible outcomes of your divorce. This includes both legal and financial consequences and how they’ll affect your life, once everything is finished.

After hearing all the facts, you may realize your marriage is perhaps worth fighting for. Whatever you do, remember that all married couples go through difficult times, no matter how well some of them hide it. There’s nothing shameful or wrong in contemplating separation: everyone does it at some point in their lives, and your lawyer can help you see that more clearly.

The bottom line

Divorce attorneys deal with couples in “unhappy” marriages all the time. In some cases, their experience in resolving human conflict can help people realize they’re actually willing to fight for their relationships. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it still happens often enough to be considered an interesting phenomenon. Many people find this quite hard to believe, but lawyers aren’t cheering on you to get your divorce finalized so they can take more of your money. Quite on the contrary, they’re knowledgeable professionals who can give you a fresh perspective and keep you from making one of the biggest mistakes in your life.