While dogs are known to be a man’s best friend, they can become your worst enemy in a few seconds. According to the reports, thousands of people are injured and killed every year by getting attacked by a dog.

Dog bites can leave the victim with severe injuries, including infection, brain injuries, nerve damage, disfigurement, psychological trauma, permanent scarring, etc.

These injuries can take a while to heal and leave the victims with multiple piled-up medical bills. Lawyers from Fisher & Talwar have years of experience in handling dog bite cases and can assist you in getting financial compensation.

However, educating your children about behaving around stranger dogs is essential. This is because children have a playful nature, due to which they can trigger the dog, and the situation can escalate quickly.

For example, your child gets excited every time they see a dog. You took them to a park, and suddenly they saw a dog playing. Without knowing, they accidentally step on the tail, which triggers the dog and attacks your child, leaving them severely injured. Therefore, educating them about how to behave will help you prevent dog bites in your children.

Avoid These Things:

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  • Do not pull any part of the body of the dog.
  • Avoid going near or touching the dog’s food bowl.
  • Never stare at the dog.
  • Avoid putting your face near the dog’s mouth, for example, giving them kisses, especially when unfamiliar with the dog.
  • Never throw things at dogs, especially when you see them growling and barking.
  • Remain calm if the dog is barking. Do not try to run as the dog may also chase your kid, and they can end up hurt or attacked by the dog.
  • Stay still until the dog decides to leave. Additionally, you can try to back off slowly until the dog is out of sight.
  • Do not scream at the dog when they are growling or barking. If you scream, the dog may get triggered and worsen the situation.

What to do if a dog injures your child?

If you see that a dog injured your child without your child’s fault, you can approach for a personal injury claim legally. However, before that, it is vital to ensure your child is safe and free from injuries.

  • Get the medical treatment instantly

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You should first take them to the nearest hospital and get them the appropriate treatment. The doctor will be able to help in preventing any severe infection and help with the bleeding wounds.

Even a minor scratch or bite from the dog can result in serious infections, which is why it is essential to let a medical professional examine the injury and provide the right treatment plan. If there is no record of the dog’s vaccination, your child may have to go under rabies treatment.

When you visit the doctor, make sure you document their injuries and preserve the medical records. All the medical reports, prescriptions, and other medical-related documents should be kept safe as you can use them as evidence when approaching a dog bite claim.

  • Report the accident to the local animal control

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After the incident, make sure you contact the local animal control department and report the accident to them. You can also report the accident to the local police. Reporting the accident to the police will ensure your case is investigated properly. If you do not know the owner, the police can assist in tracking the dog owner and collecting information about the dog and the accident.

  • Collect evidence

After a dog bites your child, the first thing you would be worried about is whether your child is safe. However, it is equally important to collect evidence after you bring your child back home after getting the treatment. If the child has any blood-filled clothes, you can store them in a carry bag as evidence.

Furthermore, if possible, go back to the accident scene and try to collect evidence. If there were any CCTV cameras around, video footage could be your biggest evidence to file a claim.

Furthermore, if there were any witnesses, including nearby shop owners, gather their information and statements. You can also enquire about the pet owner with the locals around the accident area, and if possible, you will be able to track them down.

  • Contact a personal injury attorney

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Collecting evidence and proving the dog owner was negligent can be challenging, especially when children are involved. Therefore, you can speak to a personal injury attorney who handles dog bite claims rather than approaching the claim independently. You can discuss your case’s details with the attorney, and they will provide you with the legal options.

Additionally, the attorney also works with other professionals and experts in the field to gather evidence against the dog owner to present it to the court. This means you can have peace of mind and focus on your children’s recovery while an attorney handles your claim on your behalf.

Will hiring a dog bite attorney cost you a lot?

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Many people assume that hiring an attorney will rip holes in their pockets. However, this is not the case with personal injury lawyers. Most personal injury lawyers do not charge you a single penny unless they receive successful compensation for your claim. This means you do not have to spend any money until you get your financial reward.

Furthermore, most personal injury lawyers charge a percentage of your compensation amount (contingency fee) when it comes to charging fees. This means you will be paying a decided portion of your claim to the attorney.

Luckily, the contingency fee method is a win-win situation for both the parties -the victim and the attorney as the victim does not need to pay anything from their pocket, and the attorney tries their best to get maximum compensation to get their fee.

Therefore, when you meet with your dog bite attorney, discuss all the details of the fee, including how much they will charge, additional fee, if any, and any other charges they would take.