Billboards, television commercials, and social media pages are filled with advertisements for personal injury lawyers. But most of us have a very vague idea about what this law entails and when you can seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

Generally speaking, personal injury is a relatively broad term that brings multiple claims under its umbrella. It is a form of intentional or unintentional emotional, physical, or psychological harm arising as a direct result of someone else’s actions.

Now that you have understood the basics of personal injury, let us take a look at the different types of cases that fall under its purview. Having thorough knowledge regarding the same can make it easier to choose an appropriate attorney in times of crisis:

1. Car Accident


We will start our discussion with one of the most rampant forms of personal injury cases where an accident is caused because of someone else’s negligence. The personal injury attorney has to gather evidence proving the negligence of the other party.

They also need to sum up the medical bills, potential bills that might arise in upcoming days, and lost wages due to missed work days for claiming the same. These professionals can handle the complex investigation process and gather necessary evidence like witness statements, reports, photographs, and more.

They might also deal with the insurance companies on your behalf so that you receive fair compensation. The insurance companies tend to avoid paying out big claims and the settlement offered by them is usually less than the worth of your claim. Car accident attorneys can negotiate for a better settlement by ensuring that you don’t have to settle for less.

Debt collectors can make life hard in the aftermath of a car crash as you lag on meeting the sky-high medical bills. A car accident attorney can act as a barrier of protection against such illegal harassment.

2. Workmen’s Compensation


Accidents are a common occurrence in the workplace and a personal injury attorney can help you with the same. These lawyers have to prove that the accidents were not caused due to the negligence or fault of their clients so that they are not denied the benefits of workers’ compensation laws.

Some of the benefits which can be claimed by workers hurt on the job are medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits, permanent total disability benefits, wage reimbursement benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, and temporary partial disability benefits.

3. Dog Bites


A large number of people fall prey to dog bites every year. The dog owners are held legally accountable for the same and have to compensate for the bodily harm caused in the form of medical expenses, loss of work, and more.

A personal injury attorney will evaluate the case and investigate issues like whether the dog owner knew previously about the biting tendencies of the dog, whether the animal was antagonized in any way, etc.

4. Slip & Fall


These lawsuits are filed by the plaintiff who got injured on slipping and falling due to another party’s negligence. The personal injury attorney has to prove that carelessness on someone’s part led to their client’s injury.

They also need to determine the amount of money lost because of the same because of missed workdays and obligatory medical bills. The main questions arising in the aftermath of a slip and fall accident are the identity of the potentially liable parties and whether their negligence led to the accident.

To win the case, the personal injury attorney has to gather substantial evidence that the property owner didn’t remove or repair a potentially dangerous condition such as an uneven walking surface or an open manhole. Alternatively, the accident might have been caused indirectly by the property owner who might have left a hazardous object in the walking path.

5. Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a type of personal injury wherein the injured passes away and their estate or family members are eligible to receive compensation. Such tragedies usually occur due to the negligence of another party and it is upon the personal injury attorneys to prove the same.

On winning the case, surviving family members can claim compensation for funeral or medical expenses incurred, loss of protection and companionship, services and support that was once received from the deceased. Compensation for the estate of the deceased individual includes loss of future earning probabilities, actual wages and benefits lost, and funeral or medical expenses borne by the estate.

6. Medical Malpractice


These cases hold medical professionals like nurses, doctors, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. liable for the damage caused by their errors or negligence. Some common areas covered by medical malpractice lawsuits are misdiagnosis, surgical errors, pharmacy errors, and failure to diagnose ailments.

The medical malpractice attorney has to prove that the injuries and accidents were caused by someone’s carelessness. They also have to determine the degree of money lost in terms of future earnings or missed work days due to the injuries caused. The medical malpractice attorneys develop expert reports, case theories, and testimony by working closely with medical experts to strengthen the plaintiff’s case.

They might arrange for individual medical examinations to objectively evaluate the plaintiff’s condition. These litigators are also required to review medical records, analyze case merits and decipher doctor’s notes. You need to select amongst medical malpractice attorneys specializing in areas like surgery mistakes, birth injuries, dental malpractice, or nursing home abuse depending upon the requirements of your case.

Final Words

Before deciding on a personal injury attorney, you need to meet different lawyers and enquire about their experience. Asking the potential attorneys about the types of cases they have handled previously, their years in practice, and the type of results they have attained can offer a clear picture of what you can expect out of them.

In most cases, a free consultation is offered by the Winchester personal injury attorney wherein you can discuss the case without having to shell out any money. Such opportunities should be taken care of as and when available. For more information, check