When it comes to guns it is important to have laws and regulations in place. Stun guns are not real guns or rifles, but they can inflict damage and in some situations can even be lethal. They are to be respected. So, if you have one, or plan on buying one you need to learn a few things about them. In addition to knowing how to use it, you also need to be aware of any laws and regulations tied to them. You do not want to get into legal trouble due to an issue with your stun gun.

But, we do understand one’s need to protect itself. One of the best ways to do it is to have a stun gun nearby at all times. But, is it legal to carry one around? As is always the case in the United States; it depends. The laws and regulations differ from state to state.

So, you need to take a look around and see how the law treats the accessories in the place where you live. It might not be regulated at all, or you might be needing a permit or a license. After all, as we said, stun guns might not be lethal but they can cause severe damage to the victim.

Knowing this means that you’re obliged to ask your local administration about their stance on these devices. What we can do for you is to give you an overall insight into stun gun laws & regulations in the US. What you’ll find below can be seen as a short 2024 legal guide.

You can always revisit this article when you’re in a pinch about your rights. Of course, before buying one or intending to buy it, you should without a doubt check out the information with your local and state government. While you look to do that, check below what we have to stay.

Are Stun Guns Legal in The US?

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America is an interesting place. Some things are regulated by federal law. Others are subject to state laws. So, it is easy to find yourself in a pinch especially with a touchy subject such as guns regardless of their kind. What’s important to know is that stun guns are legal in the majority of states. Good news, right? You only need to be extra careful around them in places such as Hawaii and Rhode Island.

On these islands possessing one is illegal. In other states, they’re legal but are the subject of various codes, laws, and regulations all depending on the state where you are. What’s important to know is that most states define stun guns as non-lethal weapons that are intended for self-defense and can cause serious injuries and damage.

Bottom line is that, yes, they are legal. Of course, you have the two exceptions we already mentioned above. So, it is important to know where you are to know which line of the law applies. Another important factor in the entire story is the small matter of self-defense. Most state laws are clear in this segment. Stun guns are only to be used when you’re under an attack. They are not assault weapons.

So, always have this in mind. First thing is that they’re to be used only for self-defense purposes. If you want to own and carry one around you need to have a clear criminal record, and lastly it is not allowed for minors to carry these guns around, or own one, and under no circumstances use it.

How About a Permit?

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Here, we have more good news. In the majority of states, you are not inclined to have a carrying permit. But, as always there are exceptions. You need to know them. There are four states where a carrying permit is a necessity. Luckily for everyone who doesn’t want to spend time and money on getting one, the states where a permit is needed are all close by and bordering each other. You need to be extra careful with your stun gun when you’re in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Are Stun Guns TSA Approved?

This is yet another important question when it comes to stunning guns. After all, they are easy to conceal, and a lot of traveling in the states is via airplanes. That’s why it is important to know the TSA’s stance on these devices. When it comes to your carry-on luggage it is not allowed to carry a stun gun this way. As far as the TSA is concerned we are talking about a dangerous weapon that has no place on an airplane.

Regardless of the means of transportation, you should always check state and local laws before traveling with a dangerous device such as this one. In some places, you can have it on your checked baggage. But, if that’s the case it needs to be properly stored. Also, even if the law sees this as a legal option you should always consult the airlines too. After all, we are speaking of a weapon, so double-checking everything is a must.


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Speaking in general terms, law has nothing against stun guns unless we are talking about Hawaii and Rhode Island. In the majority of other states, you are allowed and it is easy to become an owner of a teaser. As a civilian, you are even entitled to have one, but only as a means of self-defense. Of course, even as a means of self-protection, you are not allowed to point it at a police officer or military personnel. There are various situations where you can get into trouble and self-defense is needed, but you need to be careful never to use it as a means of attacking another person.

Bottom line is that with the exclusion of Hawaii and Rhodes Island, it is perfectly legal to own a stun gun in all states. The only remaining issue that you need to pay attention to is to have a carrying license in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan, and to be wary of how and when you pull your stun gun.