More and more people are now interested in online gambling since it offers some excellent features and benefits. It can be a great way to spend your free time while you have a chance to win money as well.

If you are interested in gambling, but you don’t have enough knowledge and experience, the first thing you should do is to learn more about available games and platforms.

There are numerous games that you can choose from on gambling sites. Therefore, you will need to learn more about the main rules and odds that these games are offering. Besides the typical casino games, you can also play keno, bingo, and lottery, which are also available in an online form. If you are interested in online bingo, check out

The most important part is to determine the right approach, which is related to strategy, certain limits, and the control of your budget. Also, it is crucial to follow your performances when you are setting the size of the bet since that is the only way to prevent excessive losses. There is also a chance to face longer losing or winning strikes, and here are some methods to recognize them.

Issue With Small Wins


This is especially common when you are playing pokies. While it is completely random and there is no way to predict the following hand, keep in mind that each game has a certain level of volatility and return rate. This can help you to notice if you are in a winning or a losing strike as well. However, the problem is that the winning strike you are getting is not increasing your balance at all.

For example, you are playing a multi-line game with a bet of $2, and you are currently in the winning strike where each hand is combining certain symbols. It might seem like a positive thing since the machine is providing you with credits. However, it is crucial to pay attention to your balance all the time. The issue is that the combinations are the same or even smaller than your bet.

Therefore, you might be losing money while it seems that you are winning. The problem with games that have lower volatility is that this point can be quite challenging. The explanation is very simple. Games with lower volatility offer lower odds to combine symbols, but the prizes are often much higher when compared to other games.


Therefore, when you face the point when the game is combining symbols, and they are not providing you with profit, it might mean that you will miss the part in the game when it should combine something valuable. The biggest mistake players are making at this point is when they think that they reached the part where the game will score more points, and start increasing their bets on websites like

What is Considered as a Winning Strike?


As we already mentioned, you might face a situation where the game is scoring points, but your balance is either same or even lower. On the other side, you might be in the part of the game where it is not combining symbols in each hand, but your balance is getting bigger. At this point, it is crucial to avoid making any changes, especially when it comes to changes in the betting amount.

When it comes to some other games, the most important thing to keep in mind is that chances are very low that you will face both winning or losing strikes. That is the case with table games. Therefore, if you think that it is winning strike if you managed to score three hands in a row, a much better solution would be to consider lowering your bet after this point since the chance for losing are now much bigger.

You should not focus on a winning strike only as a feature where you are winning in multiple hands in a row. It is much more complex. Your skills could help you to face a winning strike as well. Therefore, the implementation of proper strategy will help you to keep increasing your balance.


For example, if you are playing roulette, and you prefer the game of colors, keep in mind that each hands provide the same odds. Therefore, a strategy where you will increase the bet each time you lose, and get back to the starting point after you win, is the best way to reach a winning strike.

You can start with $2 bet on one color. If you miss it, increase it by one or double it. If you lose another hand as well, choose the right approach according to your budget. Therefore, you can increase it by additional $1 or double it again. You will do the same each time you lose.

After winning the first hand after a shorter losing strike, you will win a significant amount of money. However, continuing with the same trend where you will double your bet is not much riskier. You might be able to face a winning strike, but the losses will be much bigger as well.



Both losing and winning strikes are important only as a way to determine the size of your bet. On the other side, you should never rely on winning strikes by thinking that this is your lucky day. As we already mentioned, chances that you will face longer strikes are very low. However, it can be a great way to implement a long-term strategy that will improve your chances of getting a profit.

When you are playing pokies, a losing strike might be linked to some factors like the size of the bet, volatility, and return rate. Still, there is no way that you will face longer strikes in any option. Also, if you are playing some game and you are constantly losing money, maybe there is some other issue involved. For example, maybe you missed to set the lines in the right way, or you don’t know the rules.