Has someone made a false accusation or made false statements against you in the workplace? Surely, you must be feeling depressed and worried. No doubt defamation in the workspace is a serious matter.

Defamation is about spreading rumors by co-workers or managers in such a manner that they look true. However, this is an intentional act that used to be done usually out of jealousy.

As a result, it makes the character and reputation of the victim questionable. Sometimes he loses his job and it can ruin his career as well. In extreme cases, the victim tries to attempt suicide or he can lose his life due to tension that leads to a heart attack.

Indeed, defamation is a hateful and embarrassing act. And it is quite difficult to handle these types of cases without a lawyer. It takes efforts to prove that the victim has been defamed and his life has been affected badly.

However, you have a legal right to take action against the one who has defamed you and tried to damage your character and reputation. You should consult a lawyer. A professional lawyer can help you to deal with the wrongdoers.

Your lawyer will claim compensation for the financial loss due to a lost job, for harming your character and reputation and for destroying your mental and emotional state.

Defamation Of Character

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Indeed, character is everything for a faithful and honest person. Trustworthy and good character people try to remain honest at the workplace as their main motive is to make a reputable position at the workplace. But what if someone makes them a target and starts spreading rumors about them? No doubt this is a humiliating act.

The one who worked hard with honesty and gave quality hours of his life. He struggled to make a good position in his workplace. But when someone defamed him, he earned nothing but lost his character and reputation. This is the defamation of the character. And all these acts will give torture and tension to the one who has been accused falsely.

Defamation Is Injurious And Affects The Reputation

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There are two forms of defamation. One is slander which is making a false statement and the other is liable which is a written false statement. Both forms of damaging someone’s reputation are common in the workplace.

The third person intentionally communicates and passes false information about the victim and sometimes the victim finds something false published about him. False accusations affect the victim’s life. For example

  • He can lose his job
  • This can ruin his career
  • The victim is shunned by his friends and co-workers
  • This can also affect his family life
  • Sometimes the companion of the victim leaves him/her
  • He becomes mentally and emotionally disturbed and sometimes gets suicidal thoughts.

Slander or liability, both situations are difficult to handle. Both forms of defamation provide harm to the victim and the victim loses everything and feels blank and embarrassed. It becomes hard for him to continue the job and sometimes managers push the victim out of the office by giving a resignation letter. Though, the victim was not mistaken at all.

How To Prove Defamation At the Workplace?

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Evidence is necessary to prove defamation at the workplace. You need to provide witnesses or other proof to justify your claim. You can collect evidence like

  • Published statement
  • Resignation letter with reason of false accusation written on it
  • The testimonies of the co-workers that they have listened to this statement about you though that is not true

However, it is crucial to take legal help and hire a lawyer. Lawyers are professional and experts to deal with such cases. Your lawyer will guide you legally and tell you how to handle the whole scenario.

He will let you know about the do’s and don’ts. Your lawyer can also ask you to provide the medical reports that your health is getting affected due to defamation. He will make a strong case to prove defamation.

Is Defamation A Personal Injury?

Indeed, defamation is a personal injury, it is an injury of reputation and character. The victim suffers from mental and emotional disturbance due to the defamation at the workplace and that leads to depression and anxiety. No doubt physical wounds are easy to expose and can be easily recognized but it is difficult to prove the emotional and social damage.

Well, the victims of defamation take help from a personal injury lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer will help you with any kind of defamation case. Your lawyer will let you know about your legal rights that are specially designed for your protection like protection of rights, protection of character and reputation and the right for taking action against the wrongdoers.

In what conditions can you file a lawsuit?

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There are a few things that you should keep in mind before filing a lawsuit.

  • The defamation statement is must be stated publicly
  • The defamation statement has injured your mental condition your character, business or career
  • Defamation has affected your married life and social circle
  • Your reputation is injured badly due to the spread of false statement

However, many people name defamation as freedom of speech. No doubt freedom of speech is a right given to everyone but misusing the right is illegal. And there is a difference between freedom of speech and defamation. Defamation is a false rumour and freedom is speech is an opinion.

Therefore, the victim has the full right to take legal help. And claim compensation for the damage you have faced.

Take Away

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Defamation can severely harm your career and reputation. It happens when someone at the workplace spreads false rumors about you and targets your character. As a result, you lose your job and suffer due to lost wages, struggle from mental and emotional trauma and start feeling shunned by your friends and family. Well, unusual things happened and you need to be strong. You should not lose hope, be courageous, set an example and stand for your rights.

Being a victim of defamation, you have full right to take legal help. You can hire a lawyer from langdonemison.com. Your lawyer will help you to collect the evidence. He will stand at your side and fight for your right. He will hold the wrongdoers accountable. And claim compensation for all the damages you have suffered from.