Unfortunately, we encounter different types of traffic accidents every day and that is our reality. The most common injuries are those caused by a traffic accident on a motorcycle. This is somewhat logical because of the vehicle itself. However, in any case, the person who happens to have the accident submits a request immediately.

However, many do not like the fact that the law needs a little more time to get the results of the process. Of course, the length of the procedure also varies from case to case. It is not possible to determine one schedule according to which the value of the request is determined and everything else that is related to it.

That is why most people are interested in the answer to this question. While we can’t say with certainty when your case is at stake, we can give you an approximate answer. If you want to know more about the whole process and get an answer to your question, keep reading.

Case assessment

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After the submission of the request, a negotiation process begins, which may or may not take longer. This will depend on you and the severity of the case. Thus, a case assessment is performed that can be simple or complicated. It may be a lot more complicated than it looks, but you have to leave it to the experts to judge. Until then, you can’t even guess how long the whole process will take.


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In addition to the above, the negotiation can be prolonged if it becomes complicated. What it means? You submit a request for damages, and the one who needs to confirm it will try in all possible ways to pay you less than the default. This automatically means that he can immediately reciprocate by demanding to pay less, but then even that can get complicated. They can reject it or blame you for an unfortunate event that happened to you or something else.

It doesn’t take much to become guilty, it will depend on the place of residence. For example, in some countries it is enough not to have a helmet and you will be largely responsible for what happened to you. The law is simply like that.

We have already mentioned that the weight of the case is a decisive factor when it comes to waiting time for negotiations to end. We have also listed what can happen to you after you submit your request. It was one of the barriers you can come across, but the harder the case, the bigger the barriers. So a more complicated case has a great chance of encountering problems.

Injury factor

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This will further guide your case as a distinction is made between larger and smaller sums. The claim applies to all types of injuries you suffered during the accident. There are several factors that must go through a detailed investigation to determine the degree of damage.

These are medical bills for sure. You need to determine exactly how many accounts are involved. This includes covering all past, present, and potential expenses. Here we come to the first difference between easier and harder cases, they are treated differently financially.

The pain and suffering you have experienced is also taken into account. Most accidents leave this mark on the person who had the accident, and your emotional side is equally important for the lawsuit. After that, we have the costs you have due to absence from work. This is followed by a reduced ability to earn and a few other similar things.

As you can see for yourself, these detailed tests take some time. However, if you already know the approximate duration of the individual research, you may be able to guess how long the lawsuit process will take.

Degree of injury

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We all know how many people can be seriously injured during motorcycle accidents. The outcomes are much more fatal than during car and similar accidents. The reason is well known, and it relates to insufficient protection of motor drivers. Their safety cannot be compared to the driver of a car or any other 4-wheel vehicle.

As we have already said, this is a crucial factor when it comes to the length of a lawsuit. Also, the types of injuries can also change the direction of the case during the trial. This refers to specific bone fractures, traumatic injuries to the brain and spine, injuries that cause disability, etc. All these injuries require a very long recovery, and the legal procedure begins only after its completion.

If you do not want to wait long, our advice is to start the procedure after recovery. However, not when you fully recover, but before the end of the injury treatment. This will save you a lot of time.

How long does it take for this whole process?

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Now that you know all the factors that affect the time frame of a motorcycle accident lawsuit, we should sum it all up and reveal an approximate number to you. The average time period is a few months or less, but you know that the case can be quite complicated. Then the process would take longer or an agreement simply could not be established.

However, you may be able to manipulate the situation if you have the right lawyer on your side. You should find someone who deals exclusively with such things, that is, motorcycle accident lawyer. Visit thelawcenter.com to find out how specializes lawyer can help you more. Trained professionals will help you reach a big deal as quickly as possible. He will also tell you right away how long the whole process will take, because a motorcycle accident lawyer has experience with such lawsuits.


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As we have already said, it is not easy to determine how long it takes for the results of the request to reach you. This is because everyone’s case is as unique as the facts of the case. Therefore, a specific time frame cannot be determined without a detailed investigation, you have to wait for some time to pass. Keep in mind that the same advice will only be given to you by a professional lawyer who is reliable. He will know how to properly consider your case, and you will get the best out of it.

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