Most players are not that interested in online casino games where they don’t have a chance to win money by playing them. Fortunately, there are many simple games that you can play to earn a lot of money. Of course, it all depends on your skill, knowledge and luck. To begin with, you need to create a user account in an online casino where you will get access to your favorite games. However, before that you need to learn all about such places.

Find out how to use the welcome bonus wisely and double your winnings, as well as about the rules of online casinos in the US. It only takes a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the rules so you don’t have problems later.

Which countries allow online gambling?


Gambling is legal in the US, but there are certain restrictions when it comes to playing online. So you can freely enjoy your favorite card games, but only in states that allow iGaming. Although this rule will spread to other states very soon, today there are several states that have legalized online gambling but also those that didn’t. There are a few who are working on regulations at the moment. States that do not have this type of restriction are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Delaware, West Virginia, and Connecticut.

So before start playing it is recommended to check your local regulations because after all it is better to be safe than sorry.

How to Choose the Right Online Casino?

Beginners always wonder where to start with their online casino search. It is not easy to immediately find the right place for sports betting, casino poker or any other game. Although the Internet is full of possibilities, it can be complicated. There are thousands and thousands of online bookmakers and casinos. Every day we get more and more new ones, and it can seem confusing. Do not forget that for many players the country in which they live is an important factor.

However, we have a few tips to help you make the best decision and find safe one such as DRAGON TIGER. As you research websites, check their reputation by reading reviews or asking friends. On the Internet you can find a lot of information about the casino you are interested in, because big companies invest a lot of money in advertising. It is also important to find a work permit if you are unsure. The online casino to which you submit your personal information must be registered. Don’t forget to rate the provider they work with.

Big companies will help you win more money. Customer service is in daily contact with players, and communication must be very simple. So check what options a specific customer service provides you and how fast they are. You must be satisfied with the method of processing the money as well as the terms of payment.

Are bonuses important?


Promotions, bonuses and other benefits will attract the attention of every player. However, some companies take advantage of your recklessness to steal your data or have some other selfish goal. Although everyone will try to win you over in this way, don’t be equally interested in all offers. Assess the situation by familiarizing yourself with all rules and regulations.

Sometimes a big bonus does not mean big money. Regulations govern promotions, so familiarize yourself with every detail before agreeing to the terms. Even if you find this part very boring, be sure to read the terms of use and gameplay. A lot of players don’t do this, but they should. For example, there you will find information about the age limit, geographical restrictions, etc.

How to play blackjack?

One of the most famous card games is Blackjack, because it is extremely easy to learn. The game requires at least one player, and up to seven players can sit at the table. They will not compete with each other but compete against the dealer. Players play with 52 cards and try to win in various ways. For example, if you get a 21 on the first two cards the dealer deals you, you’ve got blackjack.

The next way to win is to make the final score against the dealer but not go over 21. This is called a bust. At the beginning, each player will receive all cards from the dealer, but there is a difference between certain casinos. We have to mention that there are many different rules and variations in this game, and these are some of the basics that everyone needs to know.

How to play baccarat?

The next suggestion is baccarat. Here, players compete against the dealer, and the rounds of the game are called baccarat cups. In each cup, cards are dealt to players and dealers. At the end of each round you should be as close to nine as possible, but not over it. You can bet on the player, the dealer or the hand.

How is poker played?


It is interesting that video poker and poker are similar games, but also different. People are divided about this game, but you have to at least know the surface to play it. Classic poker probably requires a higher level of skill than video poker, because the player is more likely to predict you. In this game, as in the previous ones, the combination of cards in your hand is important.


To make matters even better, you can play all these casino games with us in demo mode, and this is certainly one of the main advantages for all players who want to enter the online casino world. Namely, it is always better before you start betting your hard-earned money to try it out in demo mode and see if the same games suit you.


The very way of modern life is conditioned by a constant lack of time, so people decide to play through their mobile devices or computers. It happens on the go while going to work, during a game break, or simply during free time spent indoors. The bottom line is that online platforms have brought many benefits and their use pays off. All that is required is to play fair.