Content marketing is the latest buzzword in the marketing field. The idea behind this is to create content, be it in the form of articles or in the form of infographics or videos, to build a connection with the customers. This form of marketing helps build brand awareness by sharing information that might be of interest to the customers.

Content marketing is required by all organizations, whether they are giant MNCs or small firms. Likewise, all sectors, be it a medical clinic or a law firm, need this sort of marketing. A good strategy can generate great results for the organization in the long run, and thus companies are spending millions of dollars to improve their marketing strategies.

If a law firm owner wants to give a new approach to their marketing strategy, then can be helpful in content marketing for law firms.

Signs To Show That Your Company Needs To Give A Rehaul To Its Content Marketing Approach

1. Lack Of Visible Growth In Clientele


People often use statistics and metrics to check the workability and efficiency of their strategies. Comparing the year-on-year or the month-on-month growth in revenues after applying the content marketing strategy, people can determine if the content marketing strategy is working.

If there is no significant increase in the number of new clients a law firm is getting, this is a negative sign. Likewise, if the present clients are not willing to pay more, it is a sign that the content marketing strategy is not working as well as it should.

2. Poor Engagement With The Audience

A good content marketing strategy intrigues the customers. If an approach does not lead to any visible growth in audience interaction, then it is time for a change. If the customers are interested, they will interact by participating in surveys, visiting social media profiles of the firm, etc.

3. You See Your Lack Of Effort In Popularizing The Content

An easy way to see a failing strategy is when you begin to realize the lack of effort that you are putting in. A plan of action that works and gives results needs significant efforts at promotion.

People have to advertise the content properly; there is also a need to establish contacts with influential people in the field, like successful attorneys, in order to publicize the content. Thus, if a company is not busy doing any of these, chances are they are probably not putting in the required effort.

Ways To Infuse New Life Into A Failing Strategy


Once a firm has come to the conclusion that a particular strategy is not giving the desired result, then the obvious next step is to re-strategize.

1. Go For A Well Focussed Approach

The simplest way to intrigue your customers is to give them information that can be of some use to them. For instance, a law firm should share information about ways to settle property disputes faster. This is because property disputes are the most pervasive issues that most common people face.

Also, when sharing information, people should not be esoteric and share information in simple language instead of using legal jargon. This can significantly boost customers’ interest in a particular firm.

In fact, if you see a number of queries on a particular legal issue, say child adoption or drafting contracts, etc., then focus on those issues. You can conduct live panel discussions with eminent attorneys discussing the pertinent problems of adoptions and ways to get around them.

2. Deliver At The Right Time

It is extremely important to know at what time one should create some content and when to refrain from creating content on certain issues. For instance, if a country is undergoing an economic recession, people will likely be interested in knowing how to wind up companies without little legal hassle. So firms should tailor the information that they give out depending on the social and economic conditions that are prevalent.

Likewise, if a country is undergoing an economic recession, it is obvious that people will not be very keen on buying a new property. Thus, you should refrain from giving out irrelevant information.

3. Stay Updated


A digital marketing company can help you stay updated with the latest happening in the field. Thus, if videos are doing better, then make more videos. Likewise, if a particular media is seeing a lot of traffic, then your firm should have a presence on that medium.

Also, there are ways by which the information can grab more eyeballs and rank higher when searched on the internet. When a firm hires a digital marketing company, they will continuously implement new strategies like using certain keywords, etc., to ensure that the law firm’s pages rank high enough to grab eyeballs.

4. Follow The Metrics

Metrics can best judge how well the marketing strategy is working. Companies often use metrics like Return On Investment to see how many more clients a person can get in comparison to the amount that the person pays for marketing.

Law firms can analyze metrics that show how much more the audience engages with them. A simple metric is the number of likes or shares that the content gets. If these numbers show a significant upward trend, the firm can hope to see good results and improved profits in the near future.

However, if these metrics do not show any significant improvement over time, then be prepared to change. Work towards making a strategy that gives you great results.


There can be multiple reasons why a content marketing strategy might fail. People might underestimate the importance of this form of marketing and allocate less budget and time towards it. Also, lack of awareness, lack of skill, or even lack of time can significantly affect the results of a marketing strategy. Thus, if you see the signs of a failing strategy, you should seek help from experts who can help your firm make profits and boost your revenues.