A person’s life may experience some of the most trying and terrible moments when they decide to divorce their spouse. Going through the extremely difficult divorce process might feel like an overwhelming burden because of the frequent powerful emotions accompanying it.

Divorce lawyers from Goldstein Flaxman PLLC specialize in handling the complete divorce procedure from beginning to end, helping to mediate disputes between opposing parties, and even lending a listening ear when one is feeling stressed or disturbed.

One of the first steps someone seeking a divorce ought to take is to hire a divorce lawyer, which is unquestionably the most crucial because their guiding hand may assist in making every other step that much easier.

The first important decision you must make after deciding to use a divorce lawyer’s services is which lawyer to hire and why. So, without wasting more time, let’s discuss hiring the right divorce lawyer.

How to find the right divorce lawyer

Here are incredible tips that can help you choose the best divorce lawyer to help you with your divorce and make it less stressful and overwhelming.

1. Know what you want

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Finding the type of lawyer you want is the first thing you should do. Let’s say that your concern has to do with child custody. Hiring a family law lawyer will help you better meet your needs and manage the divorce process. The same is true for all other legal issues. Make sure the person has experience in the field related to your dispute.

Knowing what you want from the start can help you focus your search and reduce the likelihood of becoming lost or misled in any way during this process.

2. Ask for recommendations

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One of the first things you need to do when looking for a qualified divorce lawyer is to ask for recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. These people have likely sought the services of a divorce lawyer in the past. Note down the names of the divorce lawyers recommended to you. From there, you can then start doing your research on each one of them.

3. Check out the qualifications of the lawyer

Of course, you must work with a highly qualified divorce lawyer. To become a divorce lawyer, one has to obtain a bachelor’s degree, pass a law school entrance exam, earn a law degree, and attain a license to practice law.

This can take about six years. So, when choosing a divorce lawyer, ensure that he/she is adequately qualified and has a valid practicing license that allows them to practice in your state.

4. Make sure the lawyer is experienced

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Experience matters a lot when it comes to matters pertaining to law, including family law. That’s because a lot is at stake, including the custody of the children or property distribution. That’s why you want to ensure that you only work with an experienced lawyer who understands the dynamics of divorce law and can deliver positive income.

To gauge the lawyer’s experience level, you need to find out how many years the lawyer has been practicing divorce law. The more the years, the more experienced they are.

5. Read online reviews to gauge the lawyer’s reputation

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The reputation of the lawyer is also crucial. You must work with a trustworthy lawyer who won’t hide or withhold any information from you. That’s why you need to read online reviews to understand what other people say about that particular divorce lawyer you intend to hire.

If the lawyer has more positive reviews, chances are that they deliver great services to their clients and have built a solid track record over the years they have been in practice. But if the lawyer has lots of negative reviews, that’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. It would be better to look for another divorce lawyer.

6. Check the availability of the lawyer

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Divorce cases require time and attention. So you need to hire a lawyer who is available and will represent you all the time. A busy lawyer who won’t give your divorce case the necessary attention and time may worsen the situation.

You can gauge the availability of the lawyer during your initial consultation. If you notice that the lawyer is busy and you feel he won’t give your case adequate time, it’s best to look for another divorce lawyer.

7. Understand the lawyer’s legal fees in advance

It is also important to know the lawyer’s fees before you sign any document. Divorce lawyers generally charge differently for their services depending on their experience level, location, etc.

This is why some lawyers charge extremely high legal fees while others charge reasonable rates. What’s more, some lawyers charge hourly or fixed fees. If you don’t want to get into unnecessary debt, you need to hire a divorce lawyer you can comfortably afford.

However, don’t let legal fees be the only factor to determine whether or not you should hire a lawyer; you must also focus on other factors such as experience and reputation.

8. Make your choice

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You have researched more about the lawyer regarding their qualifications, experience level, reputation, and legal fees, and you are comfortable with them. It is time to make a choice now. During your initial consultation, did you feel comfortable around him/her and feel like you could trust him?

Were you okay with how he communicates? Does he/she answer your questions in a way you understand better? Did he/she show interest in you and your case? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then the lawyer is the right choice for you. You can go ahead and hire the lawyer.

Wrapping up

Divorce is a personal and emotional process, and how it turns out can have a big effect on your life. This process has no assurances, making it crucial. But if you follow the tips mentioned above, you’ll find the right divorce lawyer who respects your wishes, offers you wise advice, and has your best interests at heart.