Your business’s documents play an essential role in the global industry. Authorities that regulate and record international companies need to translate versions of legal documents to process the legal formalities. That’s why you should partner with a certified translation provider to make your company’s documents understandable to international regulatory bodies.

You must keep company legal documents up-to-date and translated if you deal with global customers and investors. These documents include your critical information, like business models, partnerships, and investments.

This article will guide you on when and how to translate & officially certify your documents and what to look for while hiring a translation service provider.

Importance of Translating and Certifying Documents

A company’s legal documents have critical information that can include many details and decide the company’s future. Generally, a certified translation is essential within the corporate environment as these documents can help your company in a court case, for instance. This is why it’s key that you use the right legal translation service to ensure your company is always prepared, no matter the case.

The translation service provider you hire first analyzes your documents and clearly understands what’s written. You already know that legal documents use complex words and phrases not used in regular conversation. So, only a legal translation service provider can translate such documents according to the requirement.

Sometimes your overseas business partners and investors might ask you to provide them with a translated version of your company’s legal documents. This can be for many reasons, such as showing their assets to the local regulatory bodies who need help understanding it.

So, you must first translate these documents into the required language and forward them to the respective holders to keep the corporate partnership intact.

When to Translate Your Documents?

To obtain an official translation, you must hire a professional translator registered in the UK that provides certified document translations. The accredited translator or ATC-registered translation services agency must authenticate the translated documents by providing a certified version with a stamp and a legal signature.

In the UK, certified translation agencies provide a stamped translation showing the translation’s authenticity, which makes your documents legally recognised by organisations such as the Home Office. This is why finding a reputable translation service provider that can offer this service is crucial.

There are some scenarios where you must translate your documents and get them stamped. Here are a few examples.

Court Requirements


You must translate your legal documents for international court hearings. These documents should be translated and provided to the court fully certified and stamped. Before submitting these documents, it’s advised that you check the stamp of accuracy on them.

It’s risky to submit uncertified translated documents to court because they might be deemed inaccurate and unacceptable.

You already know that courts want accurate documents, which might include the following:

  • Litigation materials
  • Witness statements
  • Other statements

Government regulations

Since your business relations are international, you need to abide by the government of other countries. You should translate your legal documents and submit them to the relevant authority according to their requirements. These documents include the following:

  • Application letters
  • Patent registrations
  • Birth/death certificates

The respective government body wants you to submit a certified translated copy of the documents. So, you must choose a professional legal translation service to acquire the certificate with the translated documents.

Multinational company

Companies with active transactions in the international business industry must get their legal documents translated by a certified translation service. You might also be required to submit apostilled documents.

The standard documents required for multinational corporations include the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Contracts
  • Independent financial reports

You should prepare a certified translation of the required legal documents and submit it promptly. If you submit inaccurate or false documents, the relevant authority has every right to cancel your application and even your transaction license.



Around 719 multinational corporations (MNCs) are based in the US, one-third of global MNCs. These companies cover various industries like technology, communication, and construction.

With such diverse work opportunities, many people move to the US for jobs and education. However, immigrants moving to the US are required to provide accurately translated legal documents with their applications.

The US visa requirements strictly demand accurately translated documents in American English. Whether you apply for residence, work, or education, you must first get your legal documents translated and certified by a legal translation service. These documents include the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Marriage certificate
  • Immigration paperwork

Translating your legal documents before applying for a US visa is better for smoothly completing the application process. Depending on the scope of your work, give yourself enough time to get your documents translated before your application.

Factors to Consider While Working with a Certified Translations Provider

You might find various legal translation service agencies. Although these agencies provide similar services, the difference lies in their quality and reliability. Consider the following three factors while choosing a professional legal translation service provider.


Your important business documents hold essential information which must be handled correctly. So, you should check the translation company’s confidentiality agreements before giving them your documents.

You can check their portfolio, contact their account managers to understand their process better, and read through their website. Their portfolio will also show you client testimonials, another way to check the service’s confidentiality.



The translation service you opt for must work with attention to detail. Since legal requirements want you to submit critical documents like bank statements, these documents must be carefully translated and checked before submission.


You already know international laws keep changing, especially in the business industry. For example, the US importing and exporting law suggests you get a license for specific goods and products.

The translation service you choose must know what industry you work in and any international business requirements. The translation agency must also be updated about recent industry changes.

Certified Translations – The Key Takeaways

Your company’s documents must be accurately translated to avoid problems in international business dealings. Even a single word can hold the case for months which might affect your business activities.

So, hire a legal translation service and get certified translations of your legal documents to stay clear in all cases and legal proceedings.