Injured at work in Cedar Rapids? The first step is to seek medical attention. You need to ensure that you follow the line of treatment recommended by the treating doctor. It is equally important to notify your employer of the accident at the earliest. You can inform your company in writing and in as much detail as possible. More often than not, injured workers end up settling their claim too soon without consulting an attorney. In this post, we are sharing key reasons why your need a Cedar Rapids workers’ comp lawyerYou can check their website here.

Understanding the workers’ compensation system

When you file a workers’ comp claim, the benefits are paid by the insurance company. It is an open secret that insurance companies don’t care for claimants and often try a bunch of tactics to deny claims. You would expect the claims adjuster to be polite and fair with you, but that is unlikely to happen. You cannot assume that you are being offered the right benefits that you are entitled to, which is where an attorney can help. Attorneys work with workers’ compensation insurance companies all the time and can spot these tactics easily. Protecting your interests is the prime role of your lawyer, and they are responsible for explaining your rights and legal options.

You can avoid common mistakes

It is common for workers to miss out on the critical details that matter for their workers’ compensation claim. At times, injured workers forget that other parties could be partly responsible for their situation, and besides the workers’ comp claim, they may even have a personal injury lawsuit. A skilled and known workers’ compensation attorney can help you avoid common mistakes, and more importantly, they take the essential steps if your claim is denied. Claims are denied for many reasons, but there are still options to consider, which the lawyer will avail as needed. Insurance companies always look for reasons to deny claims. It could be related to the paperwork you have done or whether you reported the injury to the employer on time.

You don’t have to pay the workers’ compensation attorney now

If you are worried about the costs of lawyering, you should know that almost all workers’ compensation attorneys work on a contingency fee. The lawyer’s fee depends on what you recover, and there is also a limit to what an attorney can charge. Hiring an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim is cheaper than what you would typically pay a personal injury lawyer.

As a client, you may have to pay for things that are not related to the lawyer’s fee but the actual investigation and procedure. It is always wise to ask the attorney for an estimate. It is not uncommon for workers’ compensation lawyers to help clients with out-of-the-pocket expenses, and if your lawyer can offer that additional support, that’s always an advantage. However, it would help if you always considered having a fair estimate in advance. At the end of the process, you must have enough to deal with your medical bills and wage losses.

Meeting an attorney

If you are meeting an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim for the first time, ask these key questions-

  1. What can you tell me about the workers’ compensation system in Iowa?
  2. Will you work on the case personally?
  3. What do you think can impact my workers’ compensation claim?
  4. I have no clue how to deal with my medical bills. What can you do to help me?
  5. Can I meet the team that’s assisting you with the case?
  6. What is my claim worth? What would be your suggestions at this point?
  7. Can you guide me on the dos and don’ts for the moment?
  8. What is your experience with similar workers’ compensation claims?
  9. Do you think my claim would be rejected? If yes, what can I do next?
  10. My claim was rejected by the insurance company. What would be your approach to my appeal?

Finding the right workers’ compensation lawyer

There are many law firms in Cedar Rapids that deal with workers’ compensation claims as a critical area of practice, and you can always rely on online directories to sort your options. If you know people who have worked with such lawyers in the past, you can ask for references. Before you engage a lawyer, here are some things to check –

  1. The lawyer should have credible expertise in handling workers’ compensation claims and must offer references on request.
  2. The lawyer should be accessible and available to you. It is always wise to ask about the means of communication in advance.
  3. Ask the attorney if they have a conflict of interest. Many workers’ compensation lawyers represent both employees and employers, and this may not be good news if the same attorney is working for your employer for another case.
  4. Check if the lawyer is open to answering questions. Besides the questions listed in the section above, you can also ask questions that are specific to your case. Each claim must be evaluated individually and based on facts.
  5. Don’t be scared to ask tough questions. There are lawyers who are not responsive or may not want to talk about their past cases. You should know whether the lawyer has navigated challenges related to the workers’ compensation process, for which you can discuss their landmark cases.
  6. Beware of fake promises. Lawyers can often tell things that seem too good to be true, and you shouldn’t believe any of that. Keep in mind there are only a few things that are in complete control of the attorney, and therefore, they cannot change certain aspects or speed up the process exponentially.
  7. Finally, keep a watch on whether the lawyer attends meetings on time. A lawyer may promise to communicate with you, but they may miss out on keeping up with your needs. Don’t let an attorney deal with things at their will – They should accommodate your requests too.

Get an attorney before you deal with the insurance process – You can thank us later!