The statistic shows that people are most likely to get injured at the place they spend the most time. Most of us spend more than 40 hours per week in our office or workplace and it is said that one in ten people will get injured at least once in their lifetimes. There are a lot of causes of these accidents, but there are also things we can do to avoid them.

In this article we are going to tell you more about the most common types of injuries and if they are preventable. Always remember to let your managers know in case you notice that something may become a hazard and try to educate yourself and your peers on how these accidents can be avoided.

Inadequate lifting


It is said that this is the most common cause of injuries all around the world. This injury happens when the workers are not trained on how to lift things properly, or when there is too much weight.

In order to prevent these accidents, many companies choose to go with robots or other technology that will lift things up instead of the workers. If the company you work at does not have robots as a part of the production process, then you should do everything you can to educate yourself on how to avoid any possible risk. If you have to lift heavy objects then you should use proper protection and of you notice any pain in your back, legs, or arms, you should stop doing that as soon as possible.



Did you know that you can easily get dehydrated while you are working? It is said that employees are less likely to notice when they are thirsty because they are focusing on their tasks too much. When we are in the office, we tend to drink coffee or carbonated drinks thinking they will help us be more focused and pass the day with ease. However, you have to drink water, no matter if you are all they behind the desk or if you are outside.
To avoid this, you should always have a bottle of water on your desk, and carry ad portable fridge in your car. Many companies are introducing water stations in their factories and companies so that workers can notice them and have access to water at all times.
This is especially important in the summer, so if you tend to forget to drink water, you should put reminders on your phone.

Slips, trips, and falls


All of these things fall under the same category and they are more common than you may think. Sometimes the pavement and the floors are not properly made, and sometimes they can get damaged in time. When people rush and try to go from one place to another, they may miss a step or trip or something (or nothing). It is said that about 70% of all the accidents in the workplace fall under this category.

Some victims of slips, trips, and falls don’t file a claim because they think it’s their fault the accident happened to them. Hence, their employers get away with their obligations. But this shouldn’t be the case, especially if the accident led to a serious physical injury, such as a spinal cord problem.

Workplace accident victims can work with a slip and fall lawyer, such as Ross & Hill, to help them obtain proper compensation. A personal injury lawyer with years of experience handling cases like these can talk with the employer, negotiate with the insurance company, and assist the victim in filing a lawsuit as necessary.

If you want to prevent any of these things and if you want to make sure you and your employees are safe then you should have people check all the floors in your company. If anyone notices that a tile is loose, it should be reported right away. The same goes for spilled water, oil, or any other liquid. You should also put signs near the stair and encourage people to walk slowly and carefully instead of rushing.

Not wearing proper equipment


If you are working with hazardous materials, or if you are working at heights, you should wear the proper equipment. The same goes for people who have to lift things and those who work in factories. You have to take all the needed precautions, to make sure that you will stay safe.

McGowan, Hood & Felder suggest that if you get injured in your workplace, you have the right to fight for your future. Companies have to provide all the needed equipment to make sure their employees are safe, so if you are not allowed or required to wear all the needed helmets, gloves, and shoes, you should demand that from your boss.



This is not as common as other causes, but it is still one of the unfortunate events that happen in the workplace. Most of the fires are small and they are easily preventable, but some of them require all the workers to get out of the building right away..

Faulty electrical equipment, overloaded circuits, or exposed wires can lead to electrical fires, which can happen in offices, manufacturing facilities, or any workplace that utilizes electrical equipment. Also, poor storage, improper handling, or accidental spills of flammable materials may cause a fire.

Additionally, workplaces with kitchens or food preparation areas, such as restaurants or cafeterias, may experience cooking fires. Unattended stoves, grease buildup, or flammable materials near cooking appliances can contribute to these incidents. If smoking is allowed in designated areas, improper disposal of cigarette butts or smoking materials can result in fires.

To prevent fire, companies need to have all the proper systems installed, they need to put fire alarms and to train workers on how to operate the machines and notice if something goes wrong. Proper maintenance is extremely important as well because the most common cause of fires are machines that were not checked, fixed, or maintained.



Everyone is feeling stressed in their jobs at one point or another. You may have too many tasks, or there might be a deadline coming soon. If you notice that you are under too much pressure, you should talk to an expert and try to relieve some of it.

A psychologist can help you handle work stress through therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). With this intervention, you can identify and change your negative thought patterns and behaviors. Moreover, a psychologist can assist you in developing effective problem-solving skills, enabling you to address work-related issues more efficiently.

Try to forget about your work when you clock out and leave all the stress in your office. However, if you think that you are not treated properly and if you feel you’re being mistreated, then you should contact a lawyer. Look for a better job in the meantime and remember that your health is more important than your work.

These are some of the most common causes of workplace accidents, and luckily there are ways to prevent and avoid them all. Wear the proper equipment, never rush anywhere, and always be extra cautious. If you notice that something seems loose, or if you notice that something was spilled, always inform the proper people.

Make sure you drink enough water and if you have to work outside, then carry a bottle with you. Try to stay in the shade and if you feel nauseous or if you feel extra tired, sit down and take a break. Even though companies require us to finish all or tasks even before the deadline, remember that you are more important than anything else. Take care of yourself and know that there are always other workplaces that can offer you even a better paycheck.