Most people don’t know that working remotely has more benefits. The fact that you are not physically on the work site, does not mean you can not claim workers compensation. Sometimes, you will find it riskier to experience an injury since the company is not looking at the extent you are doing the work.

You have to know that, even with detailed instructions on work safety, you can still put yourself at risk for injury. Luckily, if you find yourself in the same situation, with the help of experienced workers compensation lawyers, you can seek compensation.

Where Do Remote Work Injuries Fall?

Where Do Remote Work Injuries Fall

You now know that you can get compensation for work-related injuries. This is because such compensation has no limitation to blue-collar workers. Even white-collar employees can also experience work-related injuries.

Here are categories of injuries you can experience and seek:

  • Slip and fall while working
  • Back and neck injuries you get while sitting when working
  • Repetitive stress injuries from typing like carpal tunnel syndrome

Do Companies Control How Employees Work from Home?

Do Companies Control How Employees Work from Home

When working at home, you can suffer from cumulative injuries over time. You will be the one proving yourself with a sofa and ergonomics.

Suppose you work in an office, it is the role of the employer to provide you with comfort and uniformity with other employees. So, when working at home, you are limited to some of the benefits.

Some companies will provide their employees with training sessions on how they can perform their duties safely at home. Even at the office, the employer may not physically supervise the employees during their shifts. And since the supervisor will not see how you are working physically, you can also suffer injuries similar to on-site employees.

Compensation for Injuries Resulting from Personal Comfort

Even when working at home, your comfort is important. So, you are entitled to rest and perform those functions that offer you personal comfort when working. And this is the reason it is a complicated factor in comfort doctrine.

Suppose you get up from work to have a cup of coffee then you slip and fall. Most likely, you will hurt yourself and such an injury is considered under the scope of employment.

Legal Cases for Home Working Injuries

Legal Cases for Home Working Injuries

Working at home injury cases are complex. This is because you need enough evidence to prove to yourself that the accident happened while working. Insurance providers will ask extensive questions on how the accident occurred and the case will depend on specific facts you provide about the accident.

Sometimes, these claims could be complex while working remotely. Remember, the employer will not see how the accident happened since you are working at home.

An example is where you can hurt your back when dressing or reaching to plug a computer cable. In both scenarios, an injury occurred but both are not work-related. So, you can only get compensation for hurting your back while plugging the computer cable.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you suffer from remote work-related injuries, you need an experienced lawyer to help you get compensation. This is because the lawyer has to argue that you were working on behalf of the company when you hurt yourself. The insurance companies will deny your claim when there is no sufficient evidence.