To go through this process with as little stress and anxiety as possible, you need to know some of its details. This applies to all the details of divorce and the dissolution of civil partnerships work.

You have to think about them carefully, as well as the law. Only in this way will you be able to reach an agreement and calmly plan for the future. So, this is a formal end to the marriage in court.

This does not mean that in the eyes of the law your marriage never existed but that you have ended up with your spouse and are no longer in a formal marriage. However, read a few tips we have prepared for you to get the best out of this process.

1. Seek legal assistance


Of course, before you take any next step, you need to have an expert by your side to represent you. You should seek legal help as soon as possible, because that’s the only way you can be sure that things are going in your favor.

Otherwise you will not have control over a situation that is stressful in itself. You can handle this process yourself, but only if you are well acquainted with the paperwork, court forms, etc. It is best to seek the services of an expert, as there is a large selection.

This means that you can hire some at an affordable price if you cannot afford a more expensive one. If you are wondering what family lawyer can do for you, you can find more about practice of family lawyer at

If you think of everything in advance, we are sure that you will find help that suits you completely. Keep in mind that this process involves a lot of things. These are children, money, property and everything else that happens on paper.

You will not get an advantage just like that, because in the eyes of the law they are all the same. Don’t forget that you will be under pressure all the time and you will be overwhelmed by feelings while you need to stay cool. The lawyer will be objective and will make decisions that are based solely on common sense and that are in accordance with the law.

2. Learn all about alimony


This is just one of the many legal issues you need to consider. Thus, alimony applies not only to children but also to adults. For example, if during the marriage one partner earned more money than the other in certain circumstances he can pay alimony.

Of course, there are still many circumstances to consider when making a decision. These are the previous standard of living, your health, age, etc.

3. Know your rights


You need to know your rights before divorce. First of all, know that you and your spouse have absolutely the same rights whether you live together or separately. For example, if you have children, you can both decide on them and their lives. This refers to the place of residence, school, doctor, etc.

It would be good to agree on this and think only about the best interests of the children. Remember that they will also feel best and develop properly then. However, not all partners are the same and sometimes no agreement can be reached. It happens that one partner is worried about their own safety or the safety of their children. Then mostly problems arise, because doubts begin.

That partner may not want to let the child go to the other partner or there will be similar situations in which the court will have to react. In addition to children, another important issue is raised, and that refers to property. Both partners have the right to use or get rid of property from the marriage, but they can only manage those things that are truly theirs.

What it means? This means that you cannot withdraw money from your spouse’s account or he from yours and the like. In another case, the court may force you to split money from the pension fund or pay creditors for debts of the other spouse. This second situation comes into consideration if the reason for the debt is medical expenses, household necessities, etc.

4. Know your rights in the event of a threat or injury


Of course, no one has the right to harm you. It is one thing to have unrealistic fears, because you want to spend as much time as possible with children, but real fears are something else entirely.

If you think that bad things can happen to you or your children, call the authorities for help. You will receive all the necessary services, support and appropriate care from them.

Remember that there is a solution for all crisis situations and that just one phone call is enough to make you feel safe.

You will also receive a protection order, which means that you will keep the violent person out of your home. This will also affect the decision on guardianship or the time of the visit, as well as the decision on the maintenance of the children or spouse. Either way, you are not alone.

5. Review the document properly before signing


Your document must contain a divorce decision that is grammatically correct, as in all other ways. This means that it should also contain a certain language, unforeseen conditions and everything else that is in your legal interest. Make sure the other party agrees with you.

Otherwise, disrespect may occur, but then you need to go back to court to resolve this situation. When talking about document review it is important to pay attention to the division of the pension fund, guardianship, provisions, agreements and other relevant information you expect to see.



It can be very difficult for people as they face divorce or the dissolution of their civil partnership. This is definitely one of the most stressful and confusing periods that people can go through.

Read the documents carefully before you sign them, because you can never be too careful. However, everything will be easier if you have legal assistance with you. All you need to do is find your way through it, and we hope that our tips will be useful on that path.