Living in today’s world is such a unique experience! We certainly can overcome many boundaries and consider looking for our happiness anywhere in the world. Sometimes it looks like a fairytale – meeting the prince charming from another state, or the beautiful princess from a foreign country. But it all ends when reality calls and requires administrative and bureaucratic activities, to make your relationship valid by law.

The UK is one of the most famous countries for their marriage visa conditions. That means you’ll have to complete plenty of paperwork as you apply for a UK marriage visa, but once you get it, your spouse can finally move to the UK with you.

Even though it sounds like a simple thing to do, many claim that the process can be exhausting for both spouses, so we decided to help everyone with this short but still on-point guide on how to bring your loved one with you.

To apply for a marriage visa, you and your spouse must meet certain requirements, as well as provide the needed documents. But don’t worry, we got you!

1. Age Condition


You and your spouse must be at least 18 years old. This is the first condition, and anything else won’t be taken into mind.

2. Relationship Requirements

There are various relationship requirements and elements to keep in mind.

  • The relationship must be genuine
  • You and your spouse must have met in person upon the applying
  • You need to legally marry your spouse
  • You and your partner must plan on living together in the UK on a permanent basis
  • Any previous relationship must be broken down in order to prove your current one is legit

The authorities have a complete right to check on your relationship and ask for some proof. Be ready for that.

3. Prohibited Degree of Relationship


You and your partner mustn’t be within a prohibited degree of relationship. This is sometimes confusing, so the UK authorities have a complete list of what a prohibited degree of relationship means.

So, your spouse mustn’t be related as:

  • Adoptive child or parent
  • Biological child or parent
  • Former adoptive child or parent
  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild
  • Parent or parent’s sibling
  • Sibling or sibling’s child

Additionally, sibling applies to half-brother and half-sister accordingly.

4. Financial Requirements

You must meet the financial requirements to support your spouse and any dependents without relying on public funds. The minimum income requirement for a spouse visa is currently £18,600 per year.

You will have to submit your bank statements, 6 months of payslips, and any additional documents the authorities ask for. Sometimes they’ll ask for proof from your employer, as a document that proves your role in the company. Sometimes these requirements apply to the partner too.

5. Accommodation and Maintenance in the UK

When bringing your other half to the UK on a spouse visa, it is important to consider their accommodation and maintenance needs. The UK government requires that you provide suitable accommodation and demonstrate your ability to financially support your spouse during their stay in the country.

Accommodation plays a vital role in ensuring the comfort and well-being of your spouse. It should meet certain standards, such as being safe, and habitable, and providing adequate living space. This includes factors like having basic amenities, proper heating, and a sanitary environment. You may need to provide evidence of your accommodation, such as a tenancy agreement or property ownership documents, to satisfy the visa requirements.

In terms of maintenance, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support your spouse without relying on public funds. The UK government sets specific financial thresholds that you must meet to prove your ability to cover your living expenses. These requirements vary depending on factors such as whether you have children, whether you are living in London and the duration of your spouse’s visa.

It is important to carefully plan and budget for accommodation and maintenance expenses before bringing your spouse to the UK. This includes considering factors such as rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, groceries, healthcare costs, and other day-to-day expenses.

6. Language Requirements


Many people worldwide already speak English as their second language, and their proficiency is nearly native. Still, you need to submit additional proof you speak British English, such as a document that proves you studied English at some point. You can take a test, that requires passing it with good marks when it comes to speaking and listening.

English-speaking countries are an exemption.

To sum it up – you and your spouse must meet the English language requirement. This can be done by passing an English language test or by having a degree taught in English.

7. Immigration History

The authorities may ask for proof that you and your spouse haven’t broken any immigration law in the UK. Usually, they have an access to your file already. But get ready for this, because the bureaucracy is slow, and may take more time to ask for this proof.

8. Prepare All Your Documents


Now you’re aware of what you need to apply for a marriage visa in the UK. Don’t forget to provide your valid passport and current visa, no matter the type.

Bring the marriage or civil partnership certificate and proof of living together. It’s used as evidence to prove your relationship is real. For example, your accommodation address must be the same.

And when it comes to accommodation, the Home Office may inspect the conditions before approving your application.

Sometimes, medical tests are needed, depending on where your spouse is coming from. And of course, don’t forget the English language certificate, because, without it, authorities won’t even take a look at other documents.

9. The Waiting Time

As you apply for a UK marriage visa, you need to be patient and wait for several months until the application is approved. Once your application has been approved, your spouse will be granted a visa to come and join you in the UK for a period of 33 months.

In some cases, the spouses wait up to 3 months until they get the first information on whether the application is accepted or denied. That means you’ll have to be pretty patient with this one.

Bonus fact: A spouse visa gives you (or your spouse) a full right to work in the UK.

10. Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK


The basic marriage visa allows you to stay for about 33 months, and you need to renew it. Once you’ve spent 5 years in the UK on the spouse visa plan, you are eligible for indefinite leave to remain as a spouse in the country.

But you’ll still need to prove upper-intermediate or advanced knowledge in English, and even pass the Life in the UK test. If for some reason you aren’t granted an indefinite leave to remain, you can extend your spouse’s visa and proceed to live calmly.

Final Words


We tried to cover every detail about UK marriage visas and the most recent rules. We really hope you and your spouse would live a careless and successful life, and be happy with the family you raise.

Re-read all the conditions and steps you need to take. It’s not worth risking denial just because you’ve overseen some important thing for your application.

And finally, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, because the UK seems like a great place to have a complete life with your spouse by your side.