The connection between the Internet and commercial business is very strong and at this stage almost unbreakable. Over time, their relationship becomes more and more complex purely because at their heart is a man who is inherently complex and often simply elusive.

Man is the factor that connects them and because of this they actually exist. The accelerated pace of life leaves consumers with less and less time for classic shopping, and the web store allows them to order products online, via mobile phones, and the selected product arrives at home within a certain number of days, and sometimes a couple of hours if ordering products such as is food.

A good old saying goes that where there is money, there are scams. Every day we can hear the experiences of deceived consumers who ordered and paid for something they never received or that something similar to the ordered product was delivered.

The Law on Electronic Business stipulates that they must visibly display data on their profiles, such as business name, ID number, personal identification number, as well as contact information, and the price of the product.

The first signal that this is an illegal sale is the lack of this information on the profile on social networks. So, strong and secure internet access is also important to make online shopping a pleasure.

There are various ways of fraud, and in the following text read which are the most common and how to protect yourself.

1. Unreliable stores


When searching the internet, we often come across ads that offer interesting products (often the ones we are looking for) at incredible prices. Thinking they have run into a great opportunity, people often click and order a product, and when that product never arrives or arrives to someone who has nothing to do with it, problems arise.

Solution: The most common scams happen when buying from unverified sellers, ie when people buy something from web stores that look legitimate because they show false signs that increase trust (logos of well-known brands and the like).

So, pay attention to key things such as company information, reviews, whether there is any Trustmark that is actually a certificate, and an indicator that the store meets the commercial code of trust. Keep in mind that there are often scams at extremely affordable prices.

2. Charged more than needed


And this happens, there is one price on the page, but when you finish the purchase, you notice that the bill is much higher than expected.

Solution: The first thing you will do is contact this customer service if any. Explain what the problem is and give them a day or two to respond. If the answer does not arrive, you can always move on to the next step, which is to consult a lawyer who will advise you on what to do next.

If you visit you will find that the consumer fraud attorney has many cases similar to yours.

3. Slow page loading and poor design


Slow loading, bad design, poorly written/translated texts, lots of pop-up screens, which redirect you to click on another page or to install a certain program should immediately let you know that you need to leave the website. The goal of fraudulent websites is to gain access to your confidential information, most often identity and bank account information.

Solution: Find another location to shop, no excuses!

4. The location is not safe


Locations that do not have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are not reliable for visiting because they often hide abuse in the form of eavesdropping or other interference.

Solution: Pay attention to the padlock symbol at the top of the browser, between the refresh button and the address bar. When you click on it, the initial letters in the address bar should change from “http” to “https”.

The Internet gradually developed into a sales and distribution channel that started primarily through the communication medium and eventually transformed into a management platform for relations with consumer communities.

The Internet thanks to its digital nature allows monitoring of all these interactions that take place in the electronic environment. Internet shopping today is one of the most famous and successful forms of trade, and thanks to the Internet, This type of trade has become extremely popular, especially among the young population.

What is desirable to achieve when selling and buying products or services is certainly interactivity, ie mutual communication that takes place between customers and sellers because it contributes to a more successful agreement between the two parties.

The security of online shopping is one of the key factors that greatly influence its further development and is a major obstacle to gaining new online customers. It is also a common problem with some online shoppers who have already tried this type of shopping and had bad experiences.

The Internet is increasingly used to conduct trade, so many online shoppers encounter it more and more often with certain problems such as misuse of data, non-compliance with deadlines deliveries, frauds, etc. therefore, it was necessary for government services to respond and provide consumers certain protections.

While some online shoppers have been shopping for a long time and are noticing changes by when it comes to working on the reliability of the sites they order from, there are also those who use them for the first time the Internet for this purpose, which still leads to a high degree of mistrust.

Final thoughts


Shopping online is very practical and can make your daily life easier and save time if you approach it carefully. If you shop online often, it would be very helpful to have regular insight into your bank account balance.

This can be done in various ways – directly on the website of your bank, or by activating the SMS notification service on changes in the balance on the payment card (payments and withdrawals) and checking the balance by sending an SMS message. If you are careful enough, there is no reason to worry!