Every year, billions of dollars worth of goods get seized at international borders. If they contain illicit substances or other contraband, they are usually forfeited to the authorities. What happens next depends on where the seizure occurred.

But there are also a large number of cases in which importers, companies, and individuals are illegally deprived of items that are imported and brought into the country. In those cases, there may have been a mistake by the customs officer who made a wrong assessment and acted illegally, but you as an individual or as a company cannot decide on that, but for that, you need to hire an appropriate legal person who is specialized in that area, that is, a customs attorney.

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Customs attorneys help companies with customs seizures by filing pleadings to claim what they import, which was illegally seized by the customs officials and the services themselves. They also advise clients on how to proceed with legal action against those who attempt to smuggle illegal goods into the country, which is also one type of help that such a specialized lawyer can give you in the area of ​​customs rights and obligations.

This can include filing criminal complaints, taking civil actions against alleged smugglers, or pursuing civil forfeiture proceedings, but also help in the case of unlawful confiscation of goods that are the subject of import, while everything is in order with the documentation and the entire process of importing the goods.

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In these cases, only the experience and readiness of the customs lawyer will be able to help you to get out of the seemingly hopeless situation in which you found yourself during the crossing of the border with the goods you import.

Customs attorneys should be involved in every stage of a seizure case. They can assist with the initial investigation as well as the legal action in court. In addition, they can offer guidance on whether to pursue criminal charges or sue individuals involved in smuggling activities, say experienced legal persons from Abady LawFirm.

This is only briefly how such an officer can help you, and we will talk about it in much more detail below, where we bring you more details about the help you can get, but also about the importance of hiring the right customs lawyer. Let’s get started!

Customs attorneys know how to represent their clients before Customs agents and Customs brokers, they have the knowledge and experience to fight for their client’s interests. They possess a clear understanding of the law governing import/export regulations.

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They recognize any potential problems early and take steps to prevent them. They have that opportunity thanks to the skills that they have acquired through hard study, but also through the large number of cases they have gone through in the past years. That’s why it’s important to have the right professional next to you who will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible defending the interests of the company.

Attorneys understand the importance of accurate documentation. He knows what documents should and shouldn’t be included in the package being imported or exported. If he sees something out of place, he will immediately notify his client. He knows exactly what information can cause an issue and how to avoid these situations.

If you find the right professional next to you, you will have all the documentation ready and attached and he will even give you direction and which additional documents you are missing or which you would additionally need to have in the future in order not to face problems.

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Attorney understands the consequences of non-compliance with laws and regulations. Because he represents his client’s interest, he takes extra precautions to ensure that his client does not face serious penalties due to lack of compliance. His goal is to educate his client about what they need to do to stay compliant.

Thus, your lawyer will give you all the necessary prior knowledge that you need to have, but will also teach you what you need to do next, why such procedures take place very quickly and there is not too much time for waiting and slow processes.

A custom’s attorney understands the specific procedures and requirements related to importing and exporting goods, including those related to export permits and tariffs. He has been involved in many cases where shipments were seized at the border and have extensive knowledge regarding the remedies available once the seizure occurs.

Customs lawyers know how to deal with issues involving import/export regulations and understand the legal differences between countries. Their vast knowledge ensures that your shipment reaches its destination safely while minimizing administrative delays and fines.

Attorneys often provide services beyond just representation, they may perform research, write reports or letters, attend meetings and conferences, prepare briefs, and offer advice on regulatory matters. They work closely with the client throughout the entire procedure to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

So you can count on his help in this direction and an easy and simple flow of all the processes that you need to complete together with your specialized lawyer in this area. Always count on his help, and he will help you wholeheartedly.

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A customs lawyer helps to negotiate settlements and settle claims resulting from improprieties or violations of the law. In some cases, the government will require payment of fees, fines, or damages before releasing goods.

These types of proceedings are referred to as “adverse actions”. Adverse action could occur if an agent finds evidence of fraud, drug trafficking, counterfeit merchandise, etc., and decides to file charges.

We are sure you needed these guidelines to know the importance of hiring the right legal entity to take care of the entire process. Here you can see all the advantages and all the important things in which he can help you, and now that you know all that, you will be able to easily find, recognize and hire the right person you need in this whole procedure.