As a resident of Miami, FL, you must be aware about the disability benefits and the complexities you might face while getting those benefits.

But sometimes you all made some common mistakes, these mistakes can cost you a heavy price which makes your chances of gathering benefits less.

You don’t want to pay the price, then fear not because a Disability Lawyer Miami FL is there to stop you from making mistakes.

Here, we’ll explain you some common mistakes from disability lawyer’s point of view

Apply for incorrect benefit program


While applying for the SSD benefits, it is important to know the difference between the two programs offered by SSA. The two programs are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSi). These both programs serve the same services i.e. get benefits for the people who are disabled but their qualifications are different from, so if you apply for the incorrect program you are not eligible for the criteria between SSDI and SSI. The disability lawyer will stop you from making the mistake.

Skip the medical checkup

When you have filed an application for SSD benefits, then the administration will instruct you to visit a doctor for medical checkup, so that you can obtain more information regarding your disability. As the SSA believes you may have a legitimate claim. However many people prefer to skip the medical checkup which prevents the administration from gaining knowledge about your case.

Reapply for SSD benefits


Another mistake that is done by applicants is trying to reapply for SSD benefits after their initial attempt denial. At that time instead of starting from a new application, you should go through the appeal process. It will allow you at the time of hearing in front of a judge who will interview about your conditions. Disability attorney Miami will help the individual and will guide you through the whole process.

Avoid saying no to disability lawyer

While the most common mistake that people make is going through the process all alone. This mistake can cost you by losing your chances of getting the benefits, especially during the Social Security disability appeals process. That’s why hiring a disability lawyer in Miami can make your experience smooth and stress free. Also a trained lawyer has dealt with different disability cases and has familiarity with specific cases of the system.

Not remembering the deadlines


Sometimes forgetting dates can become your life’s biggest mistake, also forgetting the deadline for SSDI claims can be a misstep in the application process of disability. As you must be aware about the hearing dates of court cases and how difficult it is to get the next case hearing so, by not remembering the deadline you lessen your chances of getting the benefits. Then an SSD lawyer can be your savior.


Now, you know the common mistakes which can be made by common people, so next time while fighting a disability case you must avoid these mistakes. Also a lawyer from disability lawyer miami fl can also explain to you about the mistake.

Remember to choose a lawyer while considering these mistakes in the back of your mind.