There are numerous reasons why people immigrate. Immigration has existed for thousands of years, because it is a natural human need to strive for the better. Immigration as we know it today became especially relevant with the development of the United States, when millions of people moved to the USA during the 19th and early 20th centuries in search of a better life.

But money is not the only reason people immigrate. Many are looking for better living conditions, cleaner air, better education and health care, greater freedom, both religious and other kinds of freedom.

And there is one country that is at the forefront of all these positive things, and that is Canada. Hundreds of thousands, even up to several million people, want to move to Canada every year.

For decades, Canada has been at the top of the list of countries in the world in terms of quality of life. Also, several Canadian cities are always on the list of the top 10 best cities to live in the world, alongside Australian cities, Vienna and few more.

Although Canada is seemingly much more welcoming than the USA and some other highly developed countries, when you start the whole process, you will face many obstacles. We will give our best to help you by giving you 2024 guide on how Canada’s immigration system works.

How does Canada’s immigration system work?


Although Canada accepts a large number of immigrants officially every year, this does not mean that it is a simple process. Canadian authorities do a much better job than the USA, for example, in keeping unwanted immigrants out and therefore they have only a small number of illegal immigrants as well as those seeking asylum in sea ports.

Geography helps them a lot, but also bureaucracy, which is organized so that Canada meets its great need for new people by carefully choosing only those who can improve society, and not other way around.

When you decide you want to move to Canada, the first thing that matters is to know what kinds of immigration programs and visas exist.

We will tell you more about the most popular immigration programs, but it is always advisable to consult with immigration lawyers, as they may know some less popular immigration programs that are ideal for you.

Canadian citizenship and immigration lawyers from Bellissimo were our expert associates as we wrote this article, to make sure we provide you with only relevant information.

Immigration programs

Although it is not always possible to know this due to various life circumstances, it would be good to know before applying whether you want to settle permanently in Canada or only temporarily stay for work, education or some other purpose. If you want to settle permanently in Canada, there are immigration programs designed for you, which are as follows:

1. Express Entry


The Express Entry program is the best option for most potential immigrants. Express Entry allows you to become a permanent citizen immediately, without having to spend several years in Canada and the like.

But you need to meet a lot of criteria to be eligible for this program. Your language skills, education, skills, health and much more are assessed and all this counts towards your final score. The required score varies, but is generally high.

What brings the most points is a completed school in Canada, Canadian work experience, a high level of education and the like. You should definitely try Express Entry, but don’t be disappointed if you fail, as you can apply again.

2. Provincial Nominee Program


Unlike the Express Entry, which is valid for the entire territory of Canada, the Provincial Nominee Program concerns a specific province. If you already have an option for a job or family in one of the provinces and you are only interested in that province, then this is the program for you.

The only exception is Quebec, for which there is a special program. Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers is a separate program for the province of Quebec, and French is dominant language in that territory.

3. Start-up Visa Program

If you intend to start a business in Canada, it can make it much easier for you to immigrate to Canada. If you can prove that you have enough funds and that the business you plan to start in Canada is not just a cover, this is a great option.

Entrepreneurs with business ideas and the support of Canadian investors can become permanent residents and launch their business here.

4. Caregiver Program


If you have worked in Canada as a caregiver, whether you have worked with children, the elderly or people with special needs, you can apply for permanent citizenship, as this profession is in high demand.

5. Other options


There are other options. For example, Family Class allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their spouses, common-law partners, dependent children, parents and grandparents. Canada does not aim to separate families, so if you are a Canadian citizen and you have enough money to be a sponsor, you can speed up the process for your family member.

6. Work permit


There is also the possibility of obtaining a work permit if you do not plan to settle permanently in Canada. There are several types of work permits. There is a work permit that allows you to get a job anywhere, and in order to obtain it, it is essential that you have the occupation or skill that Canada needs.

In case you already have a job offer, then your future employer must obtain all the necessary documents, as well as prove that he could not find a suitable worker among Canadian citizens and that is why he needs you.

In that case, a work permit allows you to work only for that employer. There is also a work permit for seasonal jobs, primarily in agriculture, because there is shortage of workers at harvest time and similar agricultural jobs.


If you obtain a work permit, and while you are in Canada change your mind and want to settle permanently, you can apply for Express Entry. While you wait, you do not have to leave Canada, but there is a possibility of bridging open work permit.

In case you need asylum or are planning to study in Canada, these are two more options for immigration. We hope we have provided you with everything you need to know about this topic.